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First psycadelic tryp

a few hours in a shower o.0

    Okay so ive taken them before and never really thought they did anything more than give me a little high...............Obviously they werent all that great.  So the next time i took them my brother got ahold of 5/8ths.  unbeknownst to me i was only supposed to weigh out 2.5grams.  I took 5 :).  NOTE:I found out later they were Amazons.
    So we're driving down the road smoking a blunt going back to the house when i started to feel like a warm fuzzy something was floating up through my skin.  ALRIGHT!!!! i ate the right amount......WRONG!   
    I get to my house and my girl is sitting in the backyard.  For some strange reason(she doesnt care about me taking drugs) i took off RUNNING!!!!
"She cant see me like this!"
  That was the start of the psychoactive part.  I get tp my room out of breath and decide okay calm down ill just lay down and chill and itll all be good.  The family computer is in my room BTW.  So i take off my pants and jump in the sack.  Im staring at the ceiling for like 30 minutes seriously feeling out of my mind(in a crazy good enlightening way that you guys know cannot be explained) Thats when my DAD!!!! walked in the room and got on the computer. 

I planned out what i was going to say so i didnt fuck it up. "Dad i really dont feel good i need you to leave so i can go to sleep."  I said that really super fast so i wouldnt stutter or again fuck it up.   NOTE: Its around 3pm

So he says, "What?!" staring at me....im staring at him.......staring at me........still staring at me "WTF dude, why is he staring at me?............" Then i giggled on accident.  Insert thought bubble>>>>>>>> "SHIT! I fucked up. HE KNOWS!!!!!!!"

"Come on zach i just gotta pay some bills ill be quiet."

With a wierd ercky kinda look on my face o.0, (you know that guy from that movie A Scanner Darkly), I said "...........................................ok."

Okay this is cool i can manage this.  Waiting, waiting, wainting.....like an hour and a half goes by(correction 10 minutes says the clock)  and im staring at his back randomly giggling and randomly whispering "WTF is going on?! hehahahehe."  

"Zach what the hell is wrong with you?"

"Nothing dad i gotta go."  NOTE: As soon as he says that  i bust out and start laughing my ass off and i dont care if he knows

    I get up and put my clothes back on and spend 5 minutes trying to find the sock i lost in the sheets. NOTE: i grew uncomfortable in clothes and stripped almost naked while in the bed(in 10 minutes mind you, while he is there).  I decide "ill take a shower, that'll calm me down."  I go to the shower and begin my normal ritual before i get in.  I look in the mirror then grab two towels put one on the floor as a mat and one for drying.  Then i take off my clothes turn on the shower and the fan, then jump in. 

    It didnt quite happen that way this time.  I was absolutely blown away at my own image and kept going back to the mirror and burst into laughter each time.  And each time this happened i forgot what i was doing.   Eventually(to make this as short as possible) i get into the shower and i begin to philosiphy on whats going on.  I made up the theory i was in a bubble with a bar. yep a bubble and a bar.  I thought objects that lay inside the bubble were on the good side of my tryp(me, the shrooms, my towel etc.) and objects on the outside of the bubble were on the bad side(cops, confusing surroundings, conversation etc).  Now the bar was something i had to balance on. If i fell off the left  i would lose the tryp completely, and if i fell to the right i would freak and never come out of it.  Anyway i get out of the shower after my philosohying and go to my room.  NOTE: the clock reads 9:10.  eventually my friend came over and it seemed like the interaction with someone on the inside the bubble brought me back to earth(literally in my head i was physically on earth but  unconciously i was in a deminsion i called my bubble).  I came out of it and I enjoyed reminicing on the insanity and the head buzz for the rest of the night.

pm me and tell me what you think :)

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