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fun at the beach

I was at the beach with two of my friends and one night we saw a couple other friends of ours who told us they knew where to get mushrooms.

I was at the beach with two of my friends and one night we saw a couple other friends of ours who told us they knew where to get mushrooms. Of course, we hop on the bus to go get some. When we get there, we buy two eighths and plan to do them the next day.

The next was full of anticipation, we couldnt eat them till around 7 or so. We finally leave and go to subway to buy a drink to chase the mushies with. We buy pink lemonade which we learned is not the best thing to drink with mushrooms. So then we walk down the road to a safe spot to split the two eighths into three portions and then we ate them. These shrooms seem to taste worse than the ones I had eaten before so i tried to eat a bunch at once and it was nasty, but who cares they were mushrooms.

So we each have about 2/3 rds of an eighth sitting in our stomachs when we decide to smoke a couple bowls of bomb nuggets. We get high as fuck and then we go wait for the bus to go down to the boardwalk. We get on the bus, and ironically the bus pass letter for that day was 'S', for Shrooms, of course. So we're riding on the bus and we start to get a little giggly, my one friend was really sketched out cuz she thought everyone was looking at us but we were geekin out and saying dumb boomer shit. To tell you the truth, I dont remember too much of the bus ride, but I do remember that it felt constricting and I wanted to get off and go to the beach.

When we got off the bus, it was starting to get dark and the sky was this amazingly intense beautiful neon blue, a color i have never seen before. All three of us were overwhelmed by the color of the sky. By now, I'm nearing my peak and as we walk towards the beach, the sky, ocean and sand looked flat, like it was a scenery for a play. We go sit on the beach, I look at the ocean and it changes from water to a bunch of kaleidascope like patterns, and when the waves crashed the patterns swirled. I had a sudden urge to get in the water so i rolled up my pants and walked into the patterns I saw. This was definately the most intense part of my trip, or any trip i've had for that matter. I wish i could remember more details, I was definately tripping balls.

We walk down the boardwalk and there are so many lights and they look cool as shit. They had the aura like thing around them but what i found most interesting was that, to me the lights seemed like little balls of lights placed randomly throughout the night. As i walked down the boardwalk my body felt like cotton, I thought i was bumping in to everyone but I just couldn't feel it. We stop at the bathroom, as soon as i get in the stall i just stop and stare at the pattern on the back of the door as it moved and swirled around.

We go in this fun house sort of thing called Pirates Cove which we had said we wanted to go through while shrooming. It was fun, but I had more fun with the back of the bathroom door. That really made me notice there is no way you can plan out a trip and decide what will be fun to do. You just have to go with it. We go on another ride that shoots you up into the air. I couldn't figure out how to hook the seatbelt, the guy had to do it for me and he said "It's so easy." That made me feel retarded but i thought it was funny at the same time. The ride shot into the air I wasn't prepared for it at all, they let you chill and the top for a while and there was a really cool view of the water and a boat, which looked frozen into the water which looked like glass. i wanted to stay up there for a while.

My trip was starting to get less intense and we go to the beach again. We're just acting like a bunch of dumbasses and fuck around with these dead jellyfish we found. We go back on the boardwalk to meet a couple of guys we knew and on the way we run into a couple of other friends we know. I had a sudden desire to smoke a bowl so we go to the beach and hit up a bowl with them. Smoking definately brought up my trip. By now we're late as fuck so we go wait for the bus and we're all laughing like crazy about these kids who keep talking to us. This one boy was really funny looking and he reminded me of the girl who turned into a blueberry in Willy Wonka. Eventually we got on the bus and went home and our night of fun was over. Like they say, all good things must come to an end.

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