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alright, this is the first trip report i have ever submitted, so bear with me.

alright, this is the first trip report i have ever submitted, so bear with me. i have tripped many times and i find myself to be an expierenced tripper. anyways, on friday i bought a quarter ounce of shrooms to eat on sat with my girlfriend and her best friend, whom neither had ever tripped before. that night, i was going to see TOOL in concert, so i decided to eat a very small amount so that i could better dose the girls on sat, to make sure i didn't give them too much. it was about an hour and a half ride to the concert, so i ate them as soon as we left the house. on the way i began to feel very, very anxious, and started thinking way too much. i had only eaten about .4-.5 grams, and i was already feeling my trip come on after 30 minutes. i smoked a blunt to calm my thoughts down and laid back in the car, enjoying my CEV (closed eye visuals).. we finally arrived at the show and everything was starting to fall into place. if anyone has ever seen tool live, they know it's more than a concert, it is better described as a religiuos expierience. anyways, the show was awesome, i could feel their music running through me and had a wonderful time. i went home after the concert and fell right asleep so that i was ready for the next day. on saturday, my girlfriend and i got everything together to trip that night and made sure everything was cool with her friend. around 830 we each ate a little over a gram apeice. by 930 we were lying on my bed listening to music and watching the walls breathe. after many, many laughs and a few hours of laying b/w these two beautiful girls, we decided to eat about .35 grams apeice and we laid down again to enjoy a peak that was soon to come. the girls were having the time of their lives, seeing many different things, both through closed eyelids and open. we were all on the same level pretty much all night and it was a wonderful feeling. about 2 oclock we cut the lights off to go to bed and my girlfriend decided she was a little excited, so she wanted to mess around on the bed right next to her friend - can't say i complained. anyways, we got done with that and i laid there, with my girlfriend in b/w me and her friend. next thing i know (and i have always had bad vibes coming from my g/f, thinking that she may have been lesbian or had these tendencies) i swear i saw her and her friend rubbing all over eachother.. but i couldn't be sure and i didn't want to turn the light on to see. this bothered me for some reason, so all i could do was stare until the sun came up and it was time to wake up. when i asked her if what i saw was true, she swore up and down it was not and that i was just tripping. this is still bothering me today, being as it was sooo vivid. i guess i should have just rolled with it, huh? either way, this was one (or two) of the best trips i have ever had. peace.

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