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So Many Ducks!!!

This was honetly the best trip I have EVER been on.

This was honetly the best trip I have EVER been on. It was totally beyond amazing.

A friend and I did them together at this beautiful, lush, large park that is in my citys downtown core. There are 100 year old trees, lots of paths, green areas, etc.

Anyhow, our trip began with us sitting on the grass. It started to kick in right when this horse carraige with tourists in it passed us by. The horses LOOKED at us while they passed which was very strange because horses do not usually do that while they are walking/working. We became convinced that the horses knew we were on mushrooms and were trying to communicate that to us.

We sat on the grass and had the usual mushroom talks about life, the world, society, etc. After awhile we got up and decided to go sit at a picnic table. On our way we became fascinated by the huge, glorious trees. We walked up to a particularly large one and stared up at it from below. The tree was pulsating and the bark was waving. The branches also seemed to reach down and almost hug us - so we took the oppurtunity to hug the tree back. Hehe.. we became total hippies on this trip.

We got to the picnic table and sat down. I kept staring at the grain of the wood as it moved in and out and swired around. While I was watching it, a spider ran across the table.. only since I was on shrooms it left a trail that looked like a million other spiders running behind it. It was so funny.

Our picnic table was near a river and out of the blue a ton of ducklings and ducks flooded the river bank and started coming towards our table. (for real... we knew we weren't imagining all those ducks) I swear, there were honestly like at least 50-100 ducks and ducklings. (this was spring when we did it, so there are always lots of ducklings around) Anyway, all of these ducks surrounded us. It was so strange. It was then that we decided that animals/nature can tell when a person is on mushrooms and so they communicate with us while we are on a trip because we are more receptive to them. (To this day I really believe that is true because of all my experiences with nature/animals during trips)

We also had encounters with squirrels, ground squirrels, dogs and birds. (birds are weird!)

After a few hours the intensity started to wind down. We were still feeling it, but not as intensely. It was then that the SAME horse carraige that had passed us at the beginning passed by us again and, of course, the horses looked at us again. We interpreted this as the horses marking the "beginning" and "end" of our trip. :) Funny hey?

Overall, it was a wonderful trip. We had a lot of realizations/epiphanies, lots of visualizations and we had experiences with all sorts of animals communicating with us. It was so fun and its a trip that I will remember forever.

If you want an experience like this then try doing mushrooms in a really nice park. I imagine you'll probably experience something just as good. :) Being in nature or outside is ALWAYS the best way to do shrooms. (unless its nighttime or you are in a scary place)

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