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On thursday 15th of august i did my first muchroom.

On thursday 15th of august i did my first muchroom. I was told it was mexican by a friend and it was quite large, 1 gram was about 1 mushroom.

So i crammed it into some bread and munched it down. Then i went of with my friend who had eaten some too to meet my crew. I noticed a very wierd sense of conciesness about 20 mins after they were eaten, not strong enough to consider tripping but very wierd.

then about 40 mins after they were eaten me and my friend both admitted to eachother that this feeling was 'f*cking f*cking amazing!' i wasnt seeing things but the things that were there were undescribably beautiful and amazing. Its a feeling i am sure millions have tried to explain before.

My appretiation for everything and everyone was just so significant words cant go there. I was inlove with everyting around me and i felt like it was all inlove with me too. fantastic.

The 'real' effects wore off after about 3-4 hours but then i was left very fascinated and thinky. i felt very at home and in depth for a few hours more.

I am CERTAIN this will not be my last encounter with mushrooms as they are better than most things i have done before.. by far!

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