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I ate them by myself on a quiet night.

I ate them by myself on a quiet night. I was expecting something like acid, but this experience made me feel totally in control- not like acid where you cannot stop thinking about random shit and it keeps kalidescoping. I felt more sober than sober. All my senses were hightened.

It started as a whisper in my ear. It started to tell me things using my brain as a conductor. 'It' was myself but at the same time the universe. I later came to realize that it was GOD. I then realized I was GOD- just like everyone else (they just don't know it).

I had a prespective that was both seen and felt- it was huge, like the size of the universe or even bigger, just a awesome sense of space and depth to everything. I began to remember everything in my life in as much detail as I wanted to. I was also able to ask mysef questions and get an answer. People say to not look in the mirrior, but I did my whole trip and I reccomend it. You shouldn't be afraid of yourself. Bad trips are for people who are.

I lost all sense of time and realized that time does not exist anyway- I am an eternal being, just as the universe is eternal. I am a soul, not a body. The most important things in life are not things, but myself and others. Death is not to be feared because I am energy not matter. Prusing money and objects is a waste of time. There are so many things that make so much sense and so many man made things (society, rules, ways of thinking) that are so stupid and act against nature. We are far from achiveing true freedom.

Creativity is an essential part of life. Too many people do nothing creative and just follow the croud whithout a mind of their own or thoughts of their own.

I just stared in the mirrior, admiring myself after realizing what I really was. I began to take on elflike features and also feminine features. That was kinda wierd- but it meant something. Gender is only applicable in a physical form and beauty/uglyness is in the eye of the beholder.

Everything took on a 4th dimensional depth. I could understand people and what they were thinking without having to be there with them. I began to realize that the future of mankind is in our own minds. We can explore space with our minds if we wanted to- heal our sicknesses and become empathic. No more misunderstanding, no more anger, no more fear. Just this overwhelmingly pure feeling of unconditional love. Unconditional because we all are one being experiencing ourselves. I began to see the bigger GOD- the largeest soul. It was a giant ball of white light, the size of 100 stars put tougather, tiny balls of light were traveling into and out of it- these were souls like yours and mine. I felt my ego drifting away. When this started to happen, I felt more and more of god's unconditional love and eventually I became as they say 'one with God'. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt- and this wasn't just endorphins in my physical brain- I know that for a fact.

That was the peak.

I then saw myself in the mirrior again, with a hundred needle-like rainbows in a circle around my head. My eyes were the doorway to God. My skin was magenta, later it looked kinda like a deep orange. I took a break from this 'game' called life. It's like when you watch a good movie and it ends and you remember you are sitting in a theatere when the lights turn on. Life is like an interacate dream. Life is great- there is no reason for depression, hate or fear. You only fear something because you don't understand it- I now have no fears because for that short time, I knew everything.

Now I know what's out there, now I know my place in this endless and infinate life. The meaning of life is to explore and interact, make firends, to love and learn.

All this time I was listening to TOOL. All the lyrics made perfect sense and the lyrics described this moment perfectly. Maynard is a genious, and TOOL is by far the best band in the world just due to their subject matter- it's all about what I've learned during this trip.

There is a moral to mushrooms. They teach you what you really are. They are the 'key' to unlock your mind and find out just how vast and beautiful life can be.

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