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Arcade on Shrooms

This was a pretty complex time for tripin on shrooms.

This was a pretty complex time for tripin on shrooms. I had just finished writting my last exam and was on my way to a friends house. I dosed about 3-4 grams dried of an unknown strain in the exam builting, it was weird 'cause i was just poppin them like popcorn. About 15 minutes later my friends mom showed up to pick us up and that's when he told me he was going to get a haircut so i had to wander around the mall for like 30 mins while he did that. I knew that by then i would be trippin balls so i tried to focus on the positive so i don't freak out infront of people.

Then, while the car was idling, i was blasted from a mild stoning to an intense and extatic new existense. I was sittin in the car when BAM! My vision lights up and everything is whitish like a photo negative and with an orange outline. It was mid boggling, I had alien vision like those creatures from the movie Pitch Black (with Vin Deisel). The vibrations from the car were orgasmic, it was like getting a handjob on E or a massage from a bajillion hot asian chicks. So by that point I stumble out of the car and follow them into the mall and tel them I will be waiting for them in the arcade.

So go into this fancy arcade and give this buy a 10$ bill. No problems yet. Then I play the game Ferrari F355 Challenge, it's an awsome machine with 3 screens that surround you. Itmade me feel as if i was actually driving a Ferrari so needless to say that was fun ( I came in 4th despite crashing into every possible wall i could find :) ) As i was gettin out it tried to find the keys to the car but then realized I was in an arcade. Then to chill out I played some Gigga Wings which is an Insane top-down jetgame with crazy lasers and whatnot. I was encredibly entertained by the colors but noting else worth reporting.

And then it happened, I just HAD to go and play Silent Scope. It boggled my mind because it was as if I was surrounded by terrorists and had to blow them to smitherines. I thought I was one with the plastic rifle and the image on the screen expanded to replace the real world with the game word. At the begining of each mission when the guy sez: "Green Light, Fire at will" I kept saying things like "Roger that" or "Hoorah" and during the course of the game i said things like "UNDER HEAVY FIRE! and RED TEAM GO! (like the guy in half-baked). Then my friend came up behind me and i tried to swing the plastic gun around to hit him(thinking he was a bad guy) but it stopped halfway and i got thrown off balance. I'm surprised his mom didn't think somethin was up 'cause i was coverd in sweat and a bit incoherant, constantsly laughing at my friend ('cause he has a funny haitian accent and they speak Creyol).

So by the time we got to his house i had calmed down and we went straight to his room, luckyly his sister wasn't home because I don't think I could have bullshitted my way through another "R U on drugs?/Please don't do them" Interrogation. So to conclude the trip I collapsed on his bed marvling at the stucco roof and his posters of Trish Stratus and other chick 'cause it seemed as if tho they were winking and playing with their tits and whatnot).

Now to all you neysayrs out there I hope that my entertaining experiance has opened your eyes to the wonders of the magic mushroom. I won't even begin to talk about the vast amount of emotional and mental enhancement/enlightenment i experienced 'cause quite frankly I could write a book. Feeling like adrenalin, excitement, anxiety, a bit of fear ( of gettin sniped :) ) amongst a million other undescribable feelings. I know some other stuff happened but its been a few months and i am writing this sobber and bored so not much else comes to mind. The aftermath of the situation is that some other ppl came over, we blazed a bit and one guy started shroomin as well.

peace out. stay high. live fast. die young.

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