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Best experience ever


On 03/30/2007 I was at home with my girlfriend and decided we were going to eat some mushrooms that I had cultivated thinking they were the regular legally edible strain of mushroom.  We started to eat them and I was engorging myself with them because   they tasted very good.  I enjoy the taste of mushrooms and didn’t think it would hurt to eat a lot of them.

About a half hour after we had eaten the mushrooms we started to feel differently,  I am not sure of how to describe this feeling other than being light headed and things seemed to get brighter.  We giggled constantly and I pushed it off as being part of my hangover from the previous night.  As time went on we started to feel very differently, so different it was difficult for me to stand and I wasn’t feeling well.  I didn’t want to throw up so I decided it was best if I went into my bedroom and lie on the bed.  As I was on the bed Ashley came in and lied next to me.

At this point we were both having these very intense feelings of flying through time and space.  The visuals started to kick in at this point and I was seeing things I had never thought of or dreamt of seeing or feeling.  While I was looking at the ceiling it started o warp and bend, shadows stood out, and the lighting seemed perfect.

When I decided it was time for me to close my eyes I saw things that amazed me.  I tried my best to explain them to Ashley to see if I would be able to get her to picture the same thing, but unfortunately she was not able to have the same visuals as I.  I saw a round metallic liquid ball that had little blocks of lights that were red, yellow, green, purple, blue, and white.  This ball would fold in on itself and seemed to bring me with it.  I in a way felt like I had become a part of the ball.  I had to open my eyes immediately at this point because the feeling was very intense and I could no longer handle it.

The second time I closed my eyes I saw the same type of metallic liquid, but this time without the lights and it had no shape.  When I squeezed my eyes together when they were closed I noticed that a drop of this same liquid would be released from my eyes and land in the pool of liquid.  When this drop hit the liquid the splash would be very slow and it would morph into tentacles and other various patterns.  Then I decided I would squeeze my eyes again to see what would happen.  The result of me doing this again was a replay of the first time.  It would continue to start over and do the same patterns.  The only time it was different was depending on how long I chose to watch the morphing.

There are a few different visuals I had while lying there on the bed, but nothing as intense as this.  I did see random cartoon characters and such but this does not seem worth mentioning, nor can I seem to recall exactly what it was.

The final part of my experience with mushrooms was very interesting.  I was still lying in bed at this point, going on probably six hours.  I started to hear music, sounds that were like a bass guitar, saxophone, and other instruments.  I was nodding my head along and tapping my leg to the music.  Until I actually put thought into where he music was coming from I was jamming out.  Once I realized there really wasn’t any music being played in my house and it was all in my mind I started to laugh and giggle like a madman, rolling on my sides and looking around to make sure nobody was looking at me.

The third and final phase of my experience was when I started to come out of this mind state.  I started to think I would never return to normal and started to worry that I would be stuck like this forever.  I am not sure if I was just beginning to sober up enough to realize the extent to which this hallucinogen had affected me or if it might have been because Ashley was already back to normal at this point.  Regardless of the reasoning behind it, it was one of the scariest things I have experienced.

I want to understand what I saw and why I thought about these things.  I think there is meaning behind everything that happened and someday I may come to know this meaning, or at least I hope. 

To conclude I think that mushrooms can shed light on a lot of things in life depending on how closely you pay attention to what you are experiencing.  I think it is very important to write down what you see as you see it or immediately afterward because of the dreamlike state you are in.  My experiences were like dreams and are hard to remember.  Another good idea might to be to have someone that has not eaten these to write what you tell them down for further study.


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