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Salvia = Music Isanity


It was a friday nite, i was with about 6 other friends in the middle of a field and there was a huge fire. My friend had his doors to truck open so we could listen to music. All of my friends were just drinking and smoking pot. I smoked a few bowls then i went and sat in my car which was right next to the fire. I pulled out some 15x salvia and packed it in my bowl ( keep in mind that it was dark, cold and there were quite a few people here and no one knew what i was about to do.) I took about three big rips and then set it down. Immediatly i could feel it. I struggled to open my car door to get out. It felt as if my hand went right through the door to the outside. Once i stepped outside i could hear the song "Thunderstruck" playing in the background. I walked out and kept repeating to my friends " i dont feel good " , i said this probally 20 times. The music got really intense and it took over my brain, it felt as if someone disconnected my spine from my brain. As i looked around  it looked like DNA strands were traveling in rows flying through the sky. I began to freak out. The music kept repeating itself and it was imbedding in my head even more. I said "turn the music off" but no one listened because they didnt even know i was tripping, which was the worst part about. I closed my eyes and started breathing very heavy and when i opened them i was looking at my self from above. I thought to myself, IM DYING HOLY SHIT IM FUCKING DYING. I had to get away from the music so i started walking away from it. I felt like i was walking on a giant tredmill and the earth spun beneath my feet, then i came back to reality for about 30 seconds, and kept flashing back into the trip every once in awhile for about the next 15 minutes. That whole night after the trip i couldnt stop thinkng about what just happend. Salvia has a very different connection to music then any other drug and all i can say is that it is INSANE.

I have done Shrooms Twice, LSD alot (12-15 times) and smoked salvia a few times and  out of all my trips this was by far the most intense trip i have every had using any drug, i cant not beleive what this shit is capable of doing. Although it is very random how it works it can be very potent. To not do salvia if your not in a comfortable enviroment unless you plan on having a very very bad trip.


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