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An experience

Leaving arkansas and coming home

Il try to keep it short, but if i was to try to write down my entire experience, i would run out of space...... Leaving Arkansas and coming home about an hour away, me and my 2 buddies decided to munch on a few shrooms we picked up. We each had about 7 grams of dried mushies between us, and i guess this shit was dank, cause we were tripping in 20 or 30 minuets seeing the road bend and melt away. Some times it looked as if the road was made of water with waves going out before the front of my car. The lights from the cars on the other side of the road were blinding, but i enjoyed the visuals of all the reflectors and sighns on the sides of the road. We got back to the dorm tripping balls, and it didnt help that there was a big party out front with flashing lights and loud rap shit playing. We got to my room and played mario brothers on the nes, and i promise i never seen those levels before. Numbers and other visuals appeared on the walls and tv screen. I remember sticking my face to the tv in amazment at the many colors coming out of the glass. I got up to get my beer and ended up spilling it on myself, so i changed my pants and i "lost my belt loop" off my jeans. After 15 minuets of crawling in the floor looking for it, my buddies asked what i was doing and they just laughed when i told them. We argued for a while and i told them i was going to knock their heads together for not believing me when i found it. After what seemed like hours back at the doorm, in reality  only about 1, we watched the wizard of oz with the dark side of the moon playing. I have never laughed as much and had so much fun, my sences were working over time, the suds of the beer going down my throat was amazing and it seemed like me and my friends were all thinking the same thing. If people were watching us, they would think we were mad, or retarded, but we understood each others rambling nonsence. It seemed if we was all connected by a string and the world is linked to us with some magic, or divine connections that gave us an understanding of everything, and everything is as it should be. It was truely a remarkable experience that all should at least try once, it will change your life forever. And, P.S.   I found that fucking belt loop....

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