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the first time

whoo hoo!

the first time i tried shrooms i got like a pound or two or about fuck it i dont remeber  i dont know how many but it was a lot of  freshly pickedshrooms(they were all closed caps) the guys just kept putting them inthe little brown bag:) and iproceeded to eat about the whole bag of shrooms in like 4 hours..i justcouldnt feel it so i just ate handfulls untill about an eighth was leftthen they(the people i was with ) took the last away from me and i wason another planted no "seeing things" just an other intence world thesame world but everything had a diffrent but understanding concept.things were just so complex but at the same time they worked and iunderstood them.I was on another level and i embraced it and that madeeverything more beautiful and amazing.(except for the big yellow van inthe parking lot across from the trailer i was in) since then iv donethem about seven or eight times onetime eating shrooms for three days love them so much there amazing. ifyou dont like the taste of shrooms (wich i actually like) try a shroompop take a spoon dip it in peanut butter get the spoon completelycovered but not over board then dip your spoon into the mushies and getas many as you can on the spoon and enjoy!

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