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Fourth Salvia Experience 15X extract

Intense Out of Body Experience

    The first time I tripped with Salvia I had a complete out of body experience. The next few times had been a little more down to earth. This time was different.

    My friend had given me a free bowl pack of 15X salvia extract around 10:00. He left to go home and I was left with my older brother, and our friend. My brother would not be tripping this evening, and my friend was gonna clear his hit and then pass the bubbler to me for me to quickly pack and clear it too. Before our trips we went outside and smoked a bowl of haze. Then, I put on some intense music. The Grateful Dead, Anthem of the Sun album. My friend took his hit and then shortly after I took mine. Right as it set in my vision blurred, and then snapped to clarity. I wasn't seeing the room ahead of me. I was lying on the ground in a park with my brother and our friend helping me up. This next part is hard to explain as it doesn't really make much sense. The music started to pick up and fly through my head. The lyrics for "The Other One" pretty much took my mind on a journey I can not describe. The walls of my basement are painted wonderfully with cool pictures, words, and art etc. When the lyrics came to the "Running, Running, Running around in a circle" part I became the wall and we were all spiraling, except I could look over and see my brother and friend not spiraling. I was in the park and I was being cookie-cutter manufactured into multiple copies of myself. It scared me that I was just another carbon copy of myself. I looked at them and became frightened. I began to ask them "Is this it?" "Is this my life?" "Am I just a circle spinning?!?!" I was seriously freaked.

    Every time I trip with Salvia the hallucinations and experience come in strings that change and change rapidly. This string was done. and on to a new one.

    I tried to stand but couldn't and I collapsed back to my seat. The music became crazy! Impossible to describe, beating through my head, flowing, exploding. I looked up onto the wall where we had painted a Jack Kerouac quote. I could see the first letter of every word, but all of the other letters were just dancing around. They were playfully laughing at my unability to comprehend the meanings they held. They blurred and slipped a little from their hinges. I was starting to come down but incredibly slowly. I looked at my two accomplices. The friend that had tripped had not smoked nearly as much as me so he was down completely. My brother wasn't looking at me because we had decided it's better to not have any mental pressure which sometimes can get scary during a salvia trip. I slowly came down noticing strange things around the room. I suddenly remembered I was cold and I stood up. I walked all the way upstairs and collapsed into my bed. I had a little sense of forboding about sleeping. I had a feeling that my trip was a preview of the dreams I was to have. I slept.

Some parts of this trip report probably seem a little sloppy or disjointed. I am still a little weirded out this morning and I can't quite collect my thoughts too well,
Peace and safe tripping.

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