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Great Mellow Time With Epiphanies Galore

First time doing any sort of drug.

In December I was convinced by my cousin to start cultivating mushrooms, and I decided that I needed a counterpart to trip with my first time. A good friend of mine had moved to Pittsburgh for college and was coming down for Spring Break. I told him  and he was ecstatic about trying them. After first inoculating them in late January, I eagerly watched them grow, and tried my best to keep him posted on their progress.

Finally, they were ready, just in time for him to trip with me, and so the adventure began:

I skipped school to hang out with him, and after his parents had left his house, we brought out the mushrooms. Initially, we dipped them in honey to mask the taste, but we realized that neither one of us liked honey, so we brought out the pancake syrup instead. This provided a nice treat and they went down really well with no nausea the entire time or anything. The scale that I had brought wasn't sensitive enough (I got it for $5 at Wal-Mart), so I'm not sure how much we took. I can speculate that it was between 1 and 2 grams (probably somewhere in the area of 1.3g), but each mushroom was about 3-6" in length and they were dried. We had three mushrooms, and he had 1 1/2 and I did too, so we had an even amount, but one of the ones that I ate had an abort on it. Needless to say, I got the stronger trip.

After about an hour of waiting, we began to become disappointed because nothing was happening. We were in the kitchen, and I was focusing on the window and I thought that I saw it move. My head began to feel strange, and my legs began to feel weak. We kind of blew it off and we went elsewhere. We were in his living room and I thought that I sensed a "wave" of it to come on (I wasn't sure because I had never done anything before). I was looking out of the window, expecting to see pretty colors, pink unicorns, and dancing trees. Instead, I focused on this large tree across the road, and I began to feel strange. Afterwards, I picked up a ball that was on the floor. It was black with some randomly-scattered lines. I gazed into the rubber ball and I felt like I could become lost in it, and somehow hide behind the lines...it was strange.

Afterwards, we went back to his room and began listening to Gorillaz and a Russian trance band (Stim Axel). The music really started bringing on the trip. For about 10 or 15 minutes we just stood in his room describing how we were feeling strange. He mentioned that he felt heavy and that he could "feel" all of his organs within him. Once he said that, it seemed as though I shared that same experience; in addition to that, most of the feeling in my legs and arms was gone or just felt strange all together. We stepped out into the hall and I thought there was something on my foot, and when I looked down there was nothing there. I was so excited that there was nothing there (I had read somewhere that while tripping you can feel things that aren't there) and I was so excited that I might  be tripping that I screamed. We both laughed at that.

I leaned against the wall and it seemed to sort of tilt. We began pushing on the wall for about five or ten minutes until he mentioned that we must be idiots, considering that we were pushing on a wall. We decided to go outside. He had a pool and we stuck our hands in it. The water felt very strange and there were points where we couldn't tell if our hands were in or out of the water. We came back inside and looked at his ceiling. There was a shadow that seemed to be melting, and there were faint traces of strange patterns on his ceiling...we stared at this for some time, as this was the most enhanced visual experience thus far. We both sat down and my friend quoted an Internet meme saying, "You are now breathing manually."
Despite being an Internet junkie, I had never heard this, as it had been a while since I have browsed any sort of message board. When he said this, I thought that he was referring to the fact that my involuntary nervous system was now under conscious control and that I had to actually think about breathing. This startled me and I took a very deep breath of air. We both laughed about this really hard. Despite laughing, I remember thinking that I didn't even need to breathe. It just seemed like I was breathing through the Earth or something. I don't know. I looked at a table next to me and it had wood patterns in it that I though resembled an Arabic-esque sand dune sea. For some reason I thought the table was crafted in an Arab country and I somehow understood their culture for a brief moment. I thought it was really cool.

We returned to the kitchen and began playing with a knife and a plastic bag. I "bonded" with both...it seemed like I could understand so much about each of those objects. We went back into his room and he got on the computer. I was feeling generally lethargic, so I sat down. I noticed a case of drafting pencils under his bed. I picked them up, and they were made in Germany, and most of the text and descriptions were written in German. I had taken German a few years back and I found it astounding that I could read and understand the entire thing. I opened the case and began examining the pencils. This is when my heavy trip started.

As I examined the pencils, I had some sort of connection with them. It was as though I knew their whole life and what they felt. It was almost as if they were people. My mind felt as though it could bend around an object and understand it in all of its depth. I studied these pencils for a long time and he made fun of me quite constantly. I got a kick out of it and just went back to studying the pencils. At one point, one of the pencils turned a green hue and sort of looked like an unripened banana or tree. In the end I concluded that pencils were once trees and that humans shoved them into "business suits" and forced them to work. I thought this was a connection to modern society or something. It's hard to explain.

Being around the time of Easter, there was a box with a chocolate raccoon in it. The outside of the box had paintings of various "woodland creatures" and I studied this box for a few minutes. I began to think about how humans use nature as a model and look down upon animals, yet the animals are almost completely oblivious. Throughout this entire time (even with the pencils) I felt as though I was in a sea of sorts, and I was one with the life of Earth, sort of flowing along and understanding anything that I wish. My head and brain felt very heavy, and my entire body felt compressed in a sense and very relaxed. I felt meshed with Mother Nature, the life of the planet, and every living thing.

Anyway, upon contemplating the idea about the animals, I began thinking about who looks at humans that way: Mother Nature. After thinking about that for a few minutes, I thought about who watches Mother Nature like that, and who watches them. This thought was so unexplainably complex and I sort of understood the concept and power of God. I have never understood how one being could have so much power, but at that moment I was both understanding and perplexed.

His trip wasn't as intense as mine, and he came down sooner than I did. We played Wii for a while and I still couldn't feel my arms, but I still had fun. All in all, I had a great trip, but I was disappointed that he didn't have a more potent trip.  I will definitely do it again!

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