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Teh Nobel Peace Pipe

Coolin your weed smoke with -32 degree nitrous shots

Maken teh nobel peace pipe
By teh honeypotty


The idea for teh nobel peace pipe was from a friend of mine 10 years ago. We were sitting around talking about ways to cool bong-smoke. Up until then I had been using crushed ice and jack daniels, but we'd just been doing a couple of whip-its the night before and I had frostbite on my finger from the cracker. So - an idea was born.

This is the upgr8ed version of teh nobel peace pipe, made for a party I'm having in a couple of weeks. I was in Istanbul a month ago and got to take a smoke off a guy's hookah (very cool smoke, nice flavor - tobacco) and I got a chance to examine the mechanism and realized it was perfect for the nobel pipe mark II. So...


Go on Ebay to get:

  • Hooka
  • whipped cream dispenser (mine is the double-walled kind that keeps the cream chilled with the gas. perfect!)


You'll need two plastic hose-barbs and some tubing that's the correct diameter for the barbs. Get them at a hardware store. Make sure the inner diameter of the barbs is such that they'll mostly fit closely over the valve bodies (see below).


Most hookas have an exhaust valve to let air pressure out if you breathe up the smoke-tube instead of sucking the smoke out. This is perfect for our purposes! All you do is unscrew the valve body!

valve body
meh valve body

Take a drill bit and drill out the inside of the hose-barb until it fits tightly over the exhaust valve post, the screw it down. A bit of silicone glue can be added to make it permanent and air-tight if you're a perfectionist.

Remove the cream dispenser on the whipped cream can to expose the output valve body.

valve body
u haz creeeeeemy filling!

Drill and screw down the other hose-barb onto it. Then attach the hoses and you're done!! Can't get much easier than that!

Blow Minds

I am the shizzt, truly truly.

Once you have your nobel peace pipe constructed, you'll need to rig a fine-mesh screen at the top of the hookah. When normally using a hooka, you put a coal over the top and as the air is pulled in to the pipe, the tobacco is roasted by the heat of the coal. Put a screen over top and just dump your dope on the screen and hit it with a lighter. Make sure the hookah body is 1/2 full of cool water. This is crucial because it prevents the gas from going up the pipe to the burning - stuff - which will explode into flame in the presence of NO2 (speeds combustion).

When you're ready to blow your little mind, pop a nitrous cannister in the whipped cream dispenser. Now, you have a whipped creme dispenser filled with laughing gas at about -20 degrees. Nice and cool trip-gas waiting for you in loving vacuum thermos walls... breathe a couple of deep pulls on the hookah and then empty your lungs and clear the hookah body with a squeeze on the cream dispenser. Basically, you get a mix of smoke and NO2 in your lungs. Hold it in and your mind will be blown.

Bow to the might of the honeypotty!

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