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Angels and Jesus

The first time I ever did shrooms was about a week ago.

The first time I ever did shrooms was about a week ago. Me and my boyfriend decided to do them with a couple of our close friends.
His parents were away for a week so we figured this would be a great opportunity!
So the 6 of us sat outside on his deck at night and chilled and munched away for about 10-15 minutes. We each ate about 2 and a half grams.
I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect. After about a half an hour we all got a little bored of sitting down so we all started to wander through the backyard.
Me and my b/f walked up towards the driveway and the rest of the bunch started taking turns swinging on the tire swing. While me and my boyfriend were standing there talking...it hit me all at once...and I started laughing uncontrollably for no reason. I collapsed to the ground and continued laughing..I was laughing so hard I was crying..
My boyfriend was wearing all white and I kept thinking he was Jesus! For some reason alot of things that night were very spiritual...but I'll get to that later.

Anyways, I finally pulled myself together and we headed towards the tire swing. Me and him took turns spinning around which totally heightened my trip. I was getting a little sick so I started to wonder off by myself. One of my friends knows I'm scared of monkeys (dont ask) and she crept up behind me..blew her cheeks up like a monkey and started chasing me...now let me tell you..it was the scariest fuckin thing i have ever seen. I went balistic! I started crying so bad because I seriously thought she was a monkey..
Well that really pissed me off so I somehow ended up inside and I made my way up to my boyfriends room. To my surprise he was already up there,laying on his bed laughing. He told me he could see the Pillsbury Doughboy and he was telling him funny jokes.
So I layed down beside him and stared up at the ceiling..
What I saw was the best trip ever...the stucco on his ceiling turned into mini angel faces and they were circling around the ceiling in beautiful patterns..like when you look into a kalidescope.
It then changed into beautiful coloured clouds..I couldnt believe how beautiful it looked...I thought I was staring up at heaven...it made me cry. It was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
About 1-2 hours later we all ended up outside on the deck again...sittin around the table..in the exact same positions we started. That was probably the trippiest thing of the night...because we were all so convinced that we never even moved..and we all imagined our "trips". I realized I hadn't had a smoke in about 1 and half hours which is weird for me..so i took one out of my pack. It looked like it had little eyes and a mouth and I started to have a conversation with it. Then all of a sudden it looked like it was vanishing before my own eyes! I started to shake it and it was like a reverse 'Etch-a-Sketch', the cigarette appeared again before my eyes. I had a hard time smoking it though, so I "sent it off to heaven". I threw my cigarette up in the air..and I don't think it came down...
I then had to go to the bathroom..and one thing you should NEVER do is look in the mirror when your on shrooms..
My eye make up was all messed up from crying at the "angels" in my boyfriends room, so I looked completley morphed. I was then convinced that I was extremely ugly.
The rest of the night was pretty fucked...but I am DEFINATLEY going to do shrooms more often!!

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