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Unexpectedly ridiculous trip on 2 hits of LSD

This took place last summer 2007 at a folk festival in upstate NY.

   Hey guys. I've been meaning to write about this trip for quite some time, but never really had the inspiration. I guess I've always been daunted by the task of putting my experience into words, but I will try now, as I am bored and not doing anything tonight.

    Some background on me first: Previous to this night in late July, I have drank, smoked bud, and tripped on only one hit of acid a couple times. The acid trips that I partook in were good, but of course with one hit they weren't mind blowing or anything. Just pretty much cool experiences. At 18, I have a generally positive outlook on life, though have had my fair share of struggles, both social and personal.
    Of the three friends who joined me, two had never tripped before and one had a couple times.

    So before I get into this, I'm gonna go smoke a J.

OK, ready. So I guess this will mostly be a list of observations/thoughts/feelings, but I will try to describe them in order as best I can. Anyone who's tripped knows what I mean about losing track of time ;)
Trippers: Me, "Max", "Jill", and "Laura"
We dropped between 10-11pm and tripped until just about sunrise.

    It began in our little square made by our border of tents....this had quickly became our place to chill and smoke, which we did constantly throughout the weekend. After asking around for some acid for the first two days, we finally found a really sketchy guy who looked like he was tripping his ass off. It took him about 20 minutes to figure it all out, but we finally bought 10 hits from him.
    So we headed back to our chill spot, and the four of us who wanted to trip each ate 2 hits. For the next half-hour or so we passed around bowls constantly and just basically geeked out at everything as we were coming into our trips.
    The excitement began when it started pouring rain. It was around this point that I (and probably everyone else) started to become aware of the effects of the acid, as the rain really caught us off guard and made everything alot crazier. We dashed into my tent and soon after it started thundering really fucking loudly. At this point, we are all laughing hysterically. What I remember most about being in the tent was sitting in a circle with everyone and watching the entire tent spin like we were on a carnival ride. During this whole time, Max, who was sitting in front of me, was laughing harder than ever, and I watched his face grow constantly bigger and smaller, bigger and smaller. I also realized how fucking huge the tent seemed. I looked up and felt like I was in a 5 story high circus tent.
    Pretty soon we decided we were too freaked out to brave the storm in the tent (the wind was blowing REALLY hard and shaking the tent), and we went to chill in Jill's car.  We played some Dane Cook, who I don't like at all normally, but who became AWESOME to listen to while tripping. Don't ask why. After geeking out to Dane for a while, we decided to go on a walk because the rain had stopped. The camp grounds weren't enormous, all the tents were packed in close together over about a half mile radius. So anyway, of course, we get lost immediately. As soon as we reached the second field of tents, we had no idea where we were. Jill and I took the lead and pretended to know exactly where we were going in order to reassure Max and Laura. This worked for a good while, until we all started to realize we had been walking in big circles. I don't actually remember anything else in particular about the walk, this is around when the specifics get hazy, so the rest might not be in order.

    So this kid Max, he is a huge metal head. The only two bands he played on his speakers at the campsite all weekend were ICP and Metallica. He was a REALLY insane and wild kid, and the acid took this to an extreme. The whole time he is being the most obnoxious kid imaginable. He was carrying around his little boom box and kept blasting this line from some hip-hop song that goes "N***A FUCK DEM HOES!"  He did this over and over, all the while laughing and being crazy and probably waking up every tent that we passed. It would also be worth noting that his personality mirrored Beavis and Butthead. All of this created an atmosphere and state of mind that could only be described as....well, metal. Everything felt like the cover of a metal album. Trees would turn into monsters with hundreds of heads that gyrated around and fought each other, and people's faces looked twisted and distorted, so much so that they almost looked like different people. Overall, this "metal" feel was more intense and exciting than scary, kind of like I was watching a good horror movie or staring at the cover of a Black Sabbath album.
    During the night, we could never seem to figure out exactly what we wanted to do. We went back and forth between the main vendor area of the site and our tent. Whenever we would get to one, we would all feel like going to the other. In the vendor area, we went to a stand in order to get food, but none of us could figure out what we wanted, or if we even ever wanted something at all. I also got into a pretty embarassing situation with first aid staff when I passed them and for some reason I asked for a bottle of water. They told me where the cooler was and pointed over to it, but these directions were entirely too confusing. I realized that I couldn't handle this task at all, so I mumbled an excuse and booked it. They probably laughed about me the rest of the night.
    There was also another thing I specifically remember: I would occasionally glance over at my friends and they would be in fast forward. They were on fast fucking forward. That's the only way I can think to describe it. Ridiculous.
    Unfortunately, part of the craziness of this night came from some not-so-pleasant aspects of the trip. There was one point when we were packing up a bowl and I realized that I had used up all of my weed. This really isn't that big of a deal, but it felt like a total disaster. I sat there and stared at my empty bag for what felt like hours; I was in total shock, disbelief, and fear. It was like the fucking end of the world.
Another weird thing that happened around this time was when I started eating some potato chips and all of a sudden was convinced that I had a mouthful of dirt and grass. Sickened, I spit it all out and dry heaved.
    Soon after that, I started worrying about the stuff in my pocket...I couldn't seem to keep it organized and I couldn't figure out what I should be doing with it. I then proceeded to go into my tent and attempted to organize all of the stuff in my duffel bag. This, of course, was to no avail and sent me into another intense spiral of helplessness and distress. Why do I have all of this stuff with me? Why the hell do I have to own anything at all?! My material possessions were really fucking with me. During this little breakdown and through much of the trip, I completely neglected the fact that my three friends who were around me were each tripping balls too. I kept wondering if I was freaking out worse than them and I convinced myself that I was,  which only made me freak out more.
    By this time, I had spiraled into a bad state of mind (everything kept multiplying and getting worse and worse), but luckily I became aware of this and attempted to climb back into a good trip. I took everything out of my pockets and began carrying only a green glow sitck. using it as my "guide."
Glowstick in hand, we ventured out of our tent circle again to explore. I started getting an awful feeling like I had lost my being. I was aware of myself and who I was, but I felt as if all of my personality had been sapped from my body and that I was no longer anything but a mindless zombie. This feeling passed eventually, but it was pretty weird and very unpleasant.
For the rest of the night we chilled in a tent and just tripped out to different things inside the tent. This made me feel much more calm. There was a strong feeling of togetherness in the tent as we all chilled, and this made my mood a bit better. We chilled around here until daybreak, when we were all just totally fried and confused.

    For the most of that day, everyone was irritable and cranky towards each other. No one had gotten any sleep, so we were all really tired as well.  We didn't end up talking about the events of that night until much later in the day, but it immediately lightened the mood and we laughed about some of the ridiculous things that we remembered doing.
    I don't know why we all tripped so hard on just two hits. It might have been in part due to the substantial amount of weed that was smoked throughout the night, but it was definitely influenced by our surroundings (the trees, the stormy weather, this crazy ICP kid, etc.). It took me the entire day to recover: I was fried until the next morning.  All in all, it was one of the craziest nights of my life. There were as many negatives as there were positives,  but I certainly don't regret the experience.
I apologize if I did a shitty job describing it to you, but it's my first trip report so I'll think of it as good practice. Thanks for reading  :)

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