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First Trip: WOW!

Friday , August 24 , 2002 Dose: 1/8th split in 2 2 People, 'B' and 'R'.

Friday , August 24 , 2002
Dose: 1/8th split in 2

2 People, 'B' and 'R'.
Shroomery.rog Forum names- B=Damn R=Frood

dosed the mushies(which didnt taste that bad), happy and very excited we get food/drinks.

feeling relaxed, kind of a slight stony effect just listening to music.

feeling slight naseau, but passed really quickly, i started feeling the effect as i drank water, it feeled like i could feel it flowing all throughout my body.

B: TIME STOPS,SOMETIMES GOING BACKWARDS: me and my trip friend sat around discussing what we were seeing, the bed sheets were breathing , the wall was flashing red, shadows were burning away to nothing.

R: Eventually I begin to feel nothing. At certain points I felt no emotion, no joy, no sadness. It was almost complete ego-loss. I find this amazing, since this was my first trip. I spent lots of time eating lit matches. At certain points during the night, I felt no pain at all. I reccomend that you dont drink soda during a trip, because it makes you pee soo much, and peeing while tripping is one of the hardest things I have ever done. B spent alot of time playing with the lights. Its incredible when the lights go on after a long period of darkness, because everything takes on a strong red tint. "Dude, The Flavor Of The World Is Cinnamon" -R. I also experienced several thought loops. Example: "I have to pee. But I cant go outside, Ill make too much noise. I have to pee. But I cant Go outside, ill make too much noise, I have to pee......etc, etc," Things can get very confusing when thought loops happen. The Visual aspect of the trip was less pronounced. Its impossible to describe what visuals feel like on a trip. Because its very hard to pick out what is a hallucination, and what is not. The big visual aspect was that I saw a waterfall of Sprite flowing of my bed. We thought we spilled Sprite everywhere, the next day I woke up and found that the entire room was bone dry. I kept feeling "wet" but I really wasnt, its VERY tough to explain.

B: Every sentance i said ended with " maaaan" i felt like such a hippy and loved it. i would look at "R" as he leaned back on the wall and it seemed liek the wall just molded around his body. at this moment i was everything, nothing else mattered but what i was doin, and what i was doing made no sense because i couldnt feel anything.i looked at "R" as he was pressing his hand against a cactus without feeling the pain, i gazed in AW. i owuld just lay down look at everything and watch it morph,twist,turn and just go crazy, ALL night we were trying to get online to talk to others because we didnt think there was anyone else in existince besides us. we sat in the bean bag chairs, looking at the lava lamp and blacklight(perfect combo). we wandered to the bathroom, and there it was; a mirror. i looked inot it and saw the wall behind me just shoot back,m y face distorted and moved around. i looked at "R" in the mirror and saw all the petruding pimples that werent even there. we stood infront of the mirror for about 10 minutes, then back to his room. i thought i would feel confind inside his room, but it was so interesting, so much to do.

R: Contrary to 'B's experience, I felt very confined in my room, I REALLY wanted to go explore. It was fucking hilarious because I kept trying to go downstairs and sneak outside. Luckily B stopped me before I could get very far (didn't want to wake up parents). I tried to escape several times, looking back now, I find this pretty damn funny. Eventually I found my outlet by looking out the window. This was definetly the best part of my trip. I looked at these huge purple clouds, that stretched of into the distance, and it looked like they had veins or something. That was the height of my visual experience. The most profound thing about my trip is that I had almost complete ego-loss. I just wanna emphasize how incredible it is to feel nothing. It is what I imagine death is like. I felt no emotions, I felt nothing.

the next morning:

R: The next morning was really shitty for me, because B fell asleep, and I was still tripping. This is when my trip almost went bad. I sat in the bean bag chair. Its funny how, the entire night I NEVER felt any fear. But it was so strange because I would go into these insane thought loops. I didnt feel bad, it was just the most un-nerveing feeling in the world. Well actually, its impossible to describe. But I dont understand how anyone could have a "bad trip" because even when bad things happen, I didnt care. For a litte while, I listend to Slayer, and imagined these visions of murder in my head, yet it was not scary or disturbing, just WEIRD. Eventually I fell asleep watching TV, and did not sleep for very long.

B: i fell sleep wakin up around 1pm, which is normal, feeling happy about the experince of the night before, i seem to look at everything from a different perspective, so muc better, shrooms made everything so good.

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