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A magical experience at Schwagstock

At a music festival, I purchased some shrooms at a music festival with some pals

This trip report takes place at Schwagstock. We have been asked to clarify that Schwagstock policy forbids illicit drug use or sales. Enforcement is carried out by private security.

For more information please refeer to the website




The first time i went to a music festival was pretty amazing...It was a friday afternoon in May of '07 and It was by luck that we had came to the stock riding with two friends that i knew and two that I had just met.  We had finally arrived. Finding a spot to camp in the woods, Me and my buddy had just set up camp. Our tent was set up and a fire built...we had decided to go walking about to explore the festival. After finding some very dank smoke we continued our journey about and walked around. We managed to stumble across some mushrooms. I asked the guy if they were good and he just laughed at me. HE LAUGHED. So I bought a quarter not knowing exactly what mushrooms would be like, but anxious to find out! We scurried back to camp without hesitation and examined what we had aquired for a few moments and then we ate them. My close buddy Andrew and I  both decided to only take a half an 1/8th apiece just for starters. Afterwards we just sat around by the fire chiefin on the dank smoke and about 30 minutes later I just felt so weird. I dont know how else to explain it. It was like such a different body high as I have never felt before.. All I wanted to do was strectch out my body. I kept strectching my legs arms and chest.  It was like my insides were going to come out.  I would compare the body high similar to the high you would get if you were on a hydrocodone somewhat.  After about an hour after I had taken them, still sitting in the camping chair I was stareing up at the trees, this is where the visuals started in. The tree branches startted moving twisting and they seemed as if they were actually trying to reach out towards me. It was incredible.  I layed back and stared at the clouds and this was one of the most incredible moments of the trip because there were so many different faces of cats forming from the clouds. House cats, tigers lions I don't quite understand why cats but there were so many and they kept forming and changing at a steady pace. The clouds seemed to be layered on top of one another. like different atmospheres. I could have layed there all day but everyone decided to go walking around to the stages to check out the bands that were playing. I went with them walking around for god knows how long, I thought everyone was lost so i started laughing because I was lost I thought we were walking around in circles. It was so funny.  We made our way to the stage and it was getting dark at this time and I mean the mushrooms were really kicking in. The grass was all patternized the leaves on the trees had the same pattern, the ground moved like the ocean and the grass was purple and seemed sharp to the touch.  We were walking and I was tripping harder and harder as we made our way to the stage were a Pink Floydd tribute band was playing The Dark side of the moon album which seemed to suit at the time!!! It was incredible. Not to mention The Schwag: Grateful dead tribute was playing as well.... My buddy andrew and I threw away our rain ponchos because it was supposed to rain but we didnt think it would. As soon as we trashed them it started to pour down rain. Regret. We went to this building were they had artwork inside. I just remember it was such a hot day. The place had a few stairs and then a porch which was packed with people trying to escape the rain. Everyone was smoking hash and pot, but mostly hash..... I sat down on the concrete railing in the rain because the rain felt good and I was burning up. Not to mention i was getting enough of the smoke.  Andrew was standing on the porch. All of a sudden I look back on the porch and andrew is so fucked up that he falls down the stairs backwards somewhat and loses a shoe. He fell right beside me. Thank god everyone there is like a phamily, a guy reached down and helped me pick up andrew and I helped put on andrews shoe. I remember andrew was like "YEAH FUCKIN SCHWAG ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!" and everyone was like "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH" IT was so badass. Someone gave andrew a bottle of water and he was sitting down on the porch. I decided to go inside the building to try and warm up. At this point i was starting to get cold and i was soaking wet . The trip was turning somewhat bad for me. I came back outside to see andrew puking off the railing. Anyone whos puked from mushrooms knows what happends.....he started to trip harder and it kept getting colder.  We were so far from our camp too. probably maybe an 1/8 mile. It was still raining.  We had decided to make our way back....so the journey had begun we walked a ways and I just couldnt take one more drop of rain. Thats what I told andrew " I can't take another drop of rain" So we decided to stop in this vendor's tent. I was wishing he would have just given me an umbrella or a blanket but instead he offered more mushrooms. I declined because I felt as if i had enough. I really didn't know exactly how to get back  so I decided to let andrew lead the way. People seemed to pass by so fast they where nothing but a bunch of blurr's. Making our way back I wanted to stop by random campfires to warm up but he insisted that we were close to camp and that we should just keep walking. Fire seemed almost volcanic to me, visually. We FINALLY made it back to camp and I went in the tent and told andrew not to come in because i was changing. I was trying to find clothes but I decided I was too cold so I stripped down, naked as a jay bird and got in my sleeping bag to warm up. After a bit I was warm and decided to clothe my naked body.  I did and got back in the bag. Andrew came in the tent and we was just hanging out. The mushrooms  wore off for him but were still in full effect for me. I just wanted to smoke some pot so we hungout in the tent out of the rain and hot boxed. It seemed as if people kept running around the tent lights were flashing outside and shadows everywhere. I couldn't really make out all the noise.  Andrew had a lighter and he kept flicking it and everytime he did I was so close to him, then the light would go out and then I would be on the other side of the tent the next time he lit the lighter. IT WAS CRAZY!!  The tent seemed to get really big with every flick and then really small. Big then small ect.... this was the last long run of the trip. After a bit I started comming down from the mushrooms and back to reality after a while.....It was the best experience of my life.  Good friends, good music, and good drugs...........isnt that what life is about???


**I edited the story slightly because i forgot to add a few little things but nothing has changed


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