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Can You Hear Me Now?


So last summer some friends and I went to see the Pink Floyd Laser show, im a metalhead not a hippy by the way but i figured that shit would be nuts on shrooms.  So we eat them about an hour or so before the show.  We go in and werent feeling anything yet but i thought maybe all the people were interfering or whatever and didnt pay much mind.  Well the show starts and nothing.  We were stone sober throughout the whole show.  On the drive home I saw the snowflake fairy (i dont know if this is just me but ever since my first trip when i see light it kinda resembles a fairy with wings) so i was expecting it to start kicking in.  Nothing we get back to my friends house and i figure we got some weak shit or something and i decide to go home.  What a mistake.  The moment i get in my car im tripping my balls off.  I only lived a few blocks away so i figured what the hell.  As i hit the gas i noticed that the car accelerated but my soul and eyesight stayed, until i hit a stop sign, literally.  When the car stopped i caught up to it, quick.  It was really hard i couldnt see the odometer from that far away or the road for that matter.  Well as i near the house i hear a weird fuckin noise and i realize my cell phone was wringing, i had it on vibrate too which was fucked up.  Well it was my friends calling me to tell me they were finally starting to trip.  I didnt know that at the time though cuz i couldnt hear a word they were saying.  Well i just hung up on them and went inside.  I should say that i snuck inside even though i live alone, and the slightest noise was like cannons going off.  Well after what seemed like an hour i finally made it up the endless flight of stairs into my bedroom (theres only about 15 stairs but i walked my ass off like i lived in a 22nd story apt.)  I figure if i just pop a movie in and lay down ill be ok.  My choice was SLC Punk and for some reason i had to fast forward to the part where they trip and the world is burning.  While that shit is going on i try to get comfortable and put my arm behind my head.  The circulation must have got cut off and I didnt have an arm anymore.  I could also feel shit moving around inside my face.  I dont know if this is a level 2 or level 3 but it was definitely interesting.

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