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My first salvia experience. VERY INTENSE!

First let me give you some background on my experience.  I have tripped before, both from LSD and Mushrooms.  The hardest i've ever tripped was from 4.2 grams of cubes.  I had smoked salvia before but did it wrong(from a joint of salvia and tobacco lit with a torch lighter as best we could).

My friend and i decided this weekend that we were going to try salvia.  He said he had tried it before and tripped a little but nothing spectacular "the walls kind of moved".  From what i've heard this is usually the case.  Nothing exciting just a little buzz and then its gone after 5 minutes.  I could have only thought that this was going to be the fait of my trip.  I WAS SO WRONG!!!

We loaded a bong full of salvia.  I hit the first bit all to myself, then he packed it for himself.  Toatla we probably smoked .25 grams a piece.  Hit the shit with a torch to make it glow white hot.  This hit was the biggest i've ever hit from a bong before.  It looked as though i had just filled the thing with milk.  My friend who acted kind of as a guide who smokes frequently said that it was even the biggest hit he'd ever seen.  Took it in breathed out then in again then BAM.

For the rest of the story i'll split it into two perspectives.  My sober friend ,who's house this all took place, and my perspective.  I do this because i can not vouch for anything that happened at all.  Those first ten minuntes i actually don't remember.

FRIEND  -  I fell to the floor on my knees then started crawling around his kitchen.  I then proceded to crawl into his dryer and managed to fit a better part of my body into it.  I then crawled out of the dryer remained lying down on the floor and ripped his laundryroom door off the hinges in an effort to escape from the dryer that i must have thought i was still in the dryer and then yelled at the door in a foreine tongue that was clearly making sense to me and sounded to him as though i was actually speaking fluent gibberish.  I then layed on the floor next to the wall staring into it "like it was god" ( this is where i think i started to come out of it).  My friendsaid that i laid there for about 4 minutes like a vegatable.  Unresponsive, not moving, not talking, "no sign of any brain activity".  I had also licked a picture of a sports illustrated calendar model while i was there.

ME  -  I don't remember hitting the floor, nor crawling around in his kitchen, nor getting into the dryer, not licking the girl.  I do remember, however blacking out for a few minutes.  I lost all asspect of time.  I can only remember halucinating an alternate reality.  One where i lived with my kids and wife in my house located in rainbow land.  There were rainbow colored mountains in the backround and my kids swam in a multi colored pool of melted crayon wax. I stood in the doorway of my swirly house telling my kids to come inside.  Then my wife asks, "are you ok?".  i think that this was really coming from my friend who was trying to deduce whether i was ok.  I said "yes". She said "are we gonna make it".  I still don't know what the hell that meant but i do remember trying to answer her and then my transformation began.  I was returning back to reality.  I heard my friends voice from the distance.  It saunded like he was yelling at the other end of a 20 mile pipe that was attached to my ear, echoing and soft and distorted.  I then saw my friends face appear at the end of this wormhole of rainbow and reality.  He said again "MY NAME".  I think i answered him, not sure.  I do remember going back into my halucination again at that moment.  As i was traveling through the reality wormhole i could see that the sides were made up of hands and fingers trying to pull me back to the alternate reality where my family lived.  I focused in on one of the finger tips where my family lived and did not find them.  I felt as though they had died and there world had been destroyed.  I actually felt as though i was dying as i was coming back to reality.  but I also felt the overwhelming sensation that i was being reborn into reality.  i traveled again through the wormhole of reality where my friend stood over me squating down helping me to my feet.  I was now back in his house in his living room being guided to his couch, where i layed down.  My other friend who i had not seen till this moment had aparently gone through the same experience and was laying on another couch already.  He could say "dude are you fucking ok"  i tried so hard to answer but i actually forgot how to talk. it was as though i was a baby born into my new reality and everything was new to me.  So i thought, "i can't even remember how to respond to my friend".  Then i though, "can i even remember how to think?' didn't know.  Then paranoya struck, and HARD.  "WHAT IF I NEVER COME OUT OF THIS?"  "WHAT IF I NEVER REMEMBER HOW TO TALK?" "WHAT IF I NEVER REMEMBER HOW TO THINK?" "Am I  GOING TO END UP IN AN INSANE ASYLUM?" i started to panic.  but from experience i knew that it was best to just ride it out and it will all be good.  the paranoia remained but i was cool with it.  during these few minutes of laying on the couch i remember seeing the walls crawl and melt as though it were a house made of crayons in the intense desert heat, melting.  My sober friend handed my some juice and cheese but he had a hazy staticy glow to him as though he were on TV set and could not be tuned in.  I was convinced that i had told my friend to call an ambulance to come help me.  But he assured me that "I WAS IN NO DANGER AND NOBODY IS COMING".  If you've ever been on the brink of a bad trip, you know that this is exactly what you need to hear.  It did wonders for me.  I could fianlly relax and enjoy the multi colored visuals as they flew through my body.

After a little bit i suddenly made some big steps toward comeing back.  I thought "AIR, FRESH AIR WILL HELP ME OUT"  I went outside for a minute and sobered up greatly.  I was still a bit fucked up for about 30 minutes or so.  Things were still crawly and hazy but everything was manageable.  My friend who tripped with me did not do such a big hit so he was doing a lot better than me and recovered fast.

First off i suggest for everyone who likes tripping to try salvia at least once.  I also say NEVER DO IT ALONE.  At least for your first time unti lyou get a handle on how it affects you, please have someone there who will know what to do to make you feel better.  I would say that i was almost at the brink of a bad trip.  I can only atribute this to the instant onset and this drug.  with shrooms you eat them, 15 minutes later you start to feel good then gradually an hour later, your in.  Because i was not used to this instant trip i freaked.  All i remember was taking the hit then being born back into my friends room, who knows what i had just been through, Its a little freaky.

If you have had a similar experience or would like to hear more detail about my experience please drop me a line.


Until my next trip report....  "Tune in, turn on, drop out" Leary



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