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religious death experience...heaven and hell.

my first LSD experience.

a little over a month i had an experience on acid that completley changed my existence and life as i know it. it was my first time doing acid..i had been smoking pot for about 4 years almost daily and i had done 3.5 gram mushroom trips 3 times. my last trip on mushrooms was bad...they were pretty shitty muchrooms with strange black bruising...they may have been old..im not sure.

basicly what happened on the shroom trip was i got very sick and upset and wanted to call the trip off and couldnt stop vomiting..then i proceded to lay in bed moaning and upset praying to pass out which eventually happend. so this night me and two other friends unexpectedly copped some very potent acid from a friend of ours that was very reliable. it was around 8.30 and we all proceded to eat the acid in a friends car that was not tripping...

it was a purple blotter that tasted of chemical..i had two hits that were aparently cut very heavy with lsd. my other friend also had two and the other friend had one. we went to a park and the driving friend went to hang out with his girl friend...we met up with two people we knew..smoked some chronic hung out..everything was well.

we were slowly coming up. we then left the people we were with. It was only me and my friend "G" our other friend tripping had gone off to hang out with some girls which we thought was a bad idea since neither of us knew them and we were about to be tripping hard. me and G walked around the neighborhood near the park gazing in awe at the xmas lights and tlaking about philisophical topics..it was beautiful.

we then got picked up by our friend who had left with our other triping friend and we got dropped off at our friend Gs house where we went to the basement to chill and watch adult swim cartoons and movies...it was about 12.00am. our friend who was with us had to leave and he went home.

We were doing great still triping hard having crazy visuals watching hilarious movies and cartoons..it was great..even the ann arbor 2007 anual hashbash video was on the public acess channel..it was perfect. my friend G seemed to be tripping harder than me at this point since i kept asking if he wanted to smoke some weed but he said he was already too high...

it was 5.00am sleeping was not an option at this point..and my friend finally agreed it was time to smoke some pot. we packed a fatty bowl..stepped outside smoked it..and went back in...this is were shit got out of hand. he went straight downstairs.

while i was at the door trying to slowly close it but it felt like every movment i made was the loudest noise in the world..trying not to wake up his parents..paranoid as shit. i finally got downstairs and i tried to explain to him why i was there for so long but my words didnt make any sense..i went to the bathroom since my nose was dripping with snot. i blew it and looked into the mirror...i didnt recognize my face..who was i? what defined me?

i went back into the room with him and sat down... i felt very high i felt as if this was the climax of my trip...8 hours after i had consumed the acid..what was going on?little did we notice at first that there was a satanic anime on the tv...

i completley lost all sense of reality...i thoguht i was going to die....and then it hit me...i was already dead...i looked at my friend and it was like a halloucinated him saying somthing ...it was like the message was this is what happens when you do drugs..and your stuck...your in hell... i thought i was in hell for all of eternity...i was never ever religious...but i was tonight.

i was in hell i kept going through this cycle of thinking..and i realized he was there asking me what was wrong..."are you okay?" "what do you need" "do you need water?" "are you alright?"..it felt like he was asking me to say it...say what happend..it was like time just stopped...i finally said it.."this is hell.." he didnt under stand..

i looked at the tv satanic anime imaged filled the screen then the room.. i saw fire and heard it burning and heard soft cries of people burning in the back of my head. i was fucked...forever. i then finally snapped out of it slowly..slowly remembering where i was and what happend.. i tried to explain to him what i just felt..then he started flipping out.. he grabbed my hands and kep repeating... " good vibes, good vibes, good vibes, GOOD VIBES, GOOD VIBES, GOOD VIBES!!" i then starting chanthing this with him trying to calm him down. i said we need to change settings..

we wnet up stairs to his room.. i got my ipod..we got pillows and blankets..and he asked me to get his stuffed animal..i asked him if he really wanted me tom get it and he replied yes.. it was like he was a little child when he responded..i could have cried i felt so bad..we went back downstairs.

the only option we wanted was sleep. we were both scared out our minds he didnt want me tlaking baout what just happend not to bring it back again...we layed in the same bed in the spare bedroom he has in his basement. we both played music on our ipod we both thought it was a good idea to play the same thing to be on the same page..we thought of the best vibes...grateful dead-anthem of the sun. i literally was looking for it for minutes i couldnt find it...the one thing i wanted...i thoguht i was in hell again this was my punishment for all etenity..no sleep constant death trip....i finally found it..thank god..this was a sighn i wasnt in hell...

when i played it.. the lyics of "thats it for the other one." "he has to die..you know he had to die." this made me lose it..i thoguht i was dead again.. G then had to go upstairs to his room...i eventually fell asleep for about an hour. i awoke the next morning to see the sun..i felt the sun was the sign of life.. i was alive..thank god.
i had a friend drive me homen where i rested.

stil very shook up the next day. about a week later i smoked weed again with a different friend.. alot of marijuana...i fell back into it..i thought i was stuck forever..my friend wqas experiencing the same thing..i was fucked for real this time..iot was like i was really tripping all over again. i was sleeping over at his house..everything that had to do with heaven and hell and god and satan aplied to this night..i saw a spliff sitting in front iof me...there was nothing there but me and the marijuana..it was like soemthing was giving me a choice to rety for the better...it was like if i kept doing drugs i was gonna go to hell... i threw it down and said fuck this... i dont want this shit anymore i dont need it.

we tried wathcing cartoons on his xbox 360 an episode of south park where the boys get a new video game system and get addicted to it..and dont do anything but play video games...i looked at my friend he was still holding the controller with his mouth open starring. i said it.. " put it down" put down the weed put down the video games...i was given a second chance not to fuck up. i couldnt handle this..

i called my mother.. i was a little child i needed mommy..she came and got me i explained what happend. she took me home and made me better i was so safe i thought she was god...what she said to me that night i cant evene explain i really thjought she was god..i realized so muich more about life and the world after all of this...

I dont want to scare anyone out of doing LSD reading this but this drug comes with a warning...a warning that you can achieve pure bliss and heaven...or achieve pure fear..loathing..and hell.  its completley up to you...this substance will most likley change life as you will know it..im not saying its a bad thing...its just what is..thanks you and i send good LSD vibes your way.

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