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looking back

This occured during the winter of 2000/2001.

This occured during the winter of 2000/2001...i think in february of 2001 actually. This happened with 2 friends D & B, at D's house. I was 18 and they were 17. Sometime in the early afternoon we set out to buy some grass from this great hookup my friends had found the summer before. it was an hour drive there and we had high hopes of scoring some primo shit. We got there and he didn't have any, but, he knew were we could get some mushrooms...Wow, we went for it. he called his hookup and 20 mins later she was there and we bought 2/3 of an ounce. she recommended we eat only 1/2 an eight unless we felt brave.

When we got back to D's house we split up the baggie and ate 1/2 an eight each. D's parents and younger brother were home so we were in the basement. I was playing super smash bros on the 64 when i firt felt them kick in. D & B were in D's room about 10 ft from me. i walked in an we decided to go for a walk.

it was about 10 degrees outside, but we didn't care. we walked up and back down this lonely road that we smoked grass on many many times. it was getting quite intense for me when we returned. i stepping in the door and D's brother told me not to freak out again and light a ciggarette in the bathroom. about 3 months beforehand, i scored some acid and i got caught in a nasty moment of eternity. i freaked out, ran to the bathroom and i lit the cigarette because it came so natural to me.

after going down the stairs, i went into D's bedroom with B. I sat on the edge of the bed and B sat on the floor, put some headphones on and listened to some pink floyd. I couldn't move, even if i wanted to. i must've sat there for at least 2 hours caught in another time loop. I'd look at the doorway and D would enter and say "this is so dreamy" then leave. then i'd look at my hands, then this plaque D had, then over to B. Every time I looked at B, i KNEW that that was me, and i was looking at myself from a 3rd perspective, i knew this.

Both he and i have little recollection of what was said if anything, but afterword, D & his brother said we were being very loud.

While on the bed, i was spinning this penny in my right hand. I looked at Ole' Abe and suddenly it consumed my entire field of vision. and i stared at it for what seemed like an eternity...and i KNEW that this was god...there was no question to it. I sat there frightened and awestruck. this was the peak of the trip. i sat there looking into this still life picture of a penny with fractal patterns forming around it.

sometime after that i went out to the room and sat next to D's brother and watched the tom green show. As i watched i KNEW that i was tom green and i had died and was watching a judgement of my life...i regained control and though, "not this again" and went into D's room to fall asleep. that took some time but eventualy i woke up 5 hours later and felt like a million bucks. The morning felt so great and i was so happy...it was about 35 degrees outside and the sun was shining.

That isn't all though. there are a number of things i vaugly remember or not at all, and i can't place them. The most famous event, that we discuss now and then is when i threw down my mushroom baggie and denounced drugs. i can almost remember it, but, i CAN remember tosing all of m money on the bedroom floor and proclaiming that "money is worthless, we don't need this". D also said that i ventured outside with him a second time and i told him to "look at the sky". That, i can't place and have no memory whatsoever. D also claims that he was seated next to me and watched tom green. i swear i looked over to my left and didn't see him. His sober brother can't confirm either way.

since then, i've tripped off mushrooms a number of times but nothing that intense. Right now, i'm done with then, i've gotten what i set out to get. I'm sorry if this wans't descriptive enough, but there is so much i can't describe

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