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best trip ever?

if this isnt over-doing it i dont know what is!

     So i started this job at the local Chilis about 6 years ago, and it was around closing on particularly busy friday night that Josh, one of the other bus boys asked me ifi had ever done shrooms? Having only tripped once before i gave him a sturdy hell yea, in order to sound like i knew what i was talkin about. This question also peaked my intrest a great deal so i got to talking with josh about how he knew where fields were and abou going to go get some after work. finally we came up with a deal that i would help him close, and he would take me to the field after.

     Sure as shit i helped josh with his duties and before i knew it we were on the road, headed for the fifeld. when we got to hte field i was the most excited i think i had ever been in my life. the allure of finding my own psychotropics was almost enough to start me trippin on the spot, but alas i gathered myself and we set into the field. as soon as we entered the good picking area in the field Josh let out an exuberant "eureka" and when i went to see what he was talking about he showed me 5 huge copes sittin on a pile of semi fresh shit. Josh took asecont and told me about the ones we were lookin for and without even getting up shined his flashlight to another pile of shit to show four more caps stikin above the grass, then pushed me and said what are you waiting for? i went over t o the pile and found the four that were above the grass and found another 3 that hadent opened yet, so i took em to Josh and asked if they were any good? He laughed and explained that those were the best and told me to not come back till i filled this winn dixie bag with shrooms, so i set off.

     after about an hour or so my bag was getting full so i linked back up with my new "best friend" and we agreed that we probably had enough (ha if only i knew what i know now) so we departed and went back to his house, where i met two more psychonauts, jason and his girlfriend lori. they seemed like good people from the start so i wasnt too worried about them, and besides, josh was already washing shrooms to make some tea. i watched as eh boiled down about a pound and  a half , to this gooey purple liquid and then throw in sugar and koolaid. as the poot of "shroomaid" was stewing i helped jason and lori wash the rest of the shrooms. Now altho there is much debate over haw many shrooms we got that night my best estimates is 5 lbs. 1 1/2 for the tea and 3 1/2 on the table, the exact numbers dont really matter, all i know is that the four of us ate every last one of the shrooms on the table.

     well this is where the fun really sets in, about 15 min after eatin the moshpoons i decided to go for a walk to try to calm my stomach. i asked if anyone wanted ot go with, but they were all macromated into the sofa, so i set out. I remember walkin down the loop in ths subdivision and having wierd cone vision where the hole world looked like it was bieng sucked into two holes in space and thinking wow, im about to be fucked up. about halfway around the loop there was an empty lot with noting in it but a bright ass lamp shining on a tree, and i took it as a symbol to go meditate, so i did. as i approached the tree i thought of how much it looked like one of those statues of the virgin mary, where her robe is out and shrouding soem children. and laughed at the prospect of this comfort. about the time i started meditating is when shit got real fucked up. i specifically remember "leaving my body" and traveling down the lakefront that is nearby. i also spoke with my family in my mind and told them how happy i was. about an hour later, i thought i could hear my name so i opened my eyes to find myself lying under the tree without a shirt. i looked down the road and saw three flashlight coming at me so i decided to go back to my new friends, so i took off in a sprint as fast as i could run toward the light. till this day i wish i could see there faces as i came at them full bore and shirtless. when i got to them they were all on the ground laughing there asses off. then explained to me that shit was gettin too fuckin wierd in the house and how they vaguely remembered another person bieng with them at some point in time. we all laughed in the street for a good while and i decided to show them the tree. they loved it and jason actually said how it looked like a mary statue, and that connection seemed to bring the scatterbrain down a knotch. after sittin under the tree with my new friends for a bit i asked them if they had ever seen the Labrinth, with David Bowie, and told them i had it in my car so we decided to go watch it. **************DISCLAIMER************ do not watch this fuckin movie on muchrooms!

     while watching the movie, josh brought up the fact that we still had  about a half gollon of "shroomaid" so we all elected to have a glass....a full glass! and this is when things got wierd. I cant recall too much of the movie but i do know that i was having a impossible time concentrating on it seeming on how the house was beginning to completely melt around me. finally i couldnt take it anymore so i cralled into the hole behind the couch, and lori decided to put a pillow over the hole so i was in complete darkness with only the soothing sounds of an evil david bowie, and what the fuck ever other creatures were in that movie. the only thing i could do is close my eyes and fall into the visions in my head. about an hour into it josh gathered the fortitude and turned off the movie, and exclaimed that we needed soem gllowsticks.************DISCLAIMER*********** do not go to fuckin wallgreens at two in the mornin for glowsticks. thats exactly what we did tho, all four of us in joshs nissan truck. how he staye in the proper state of mind tobuy the glowsticks still baffles me to this day but alas he did it, all without a shirt.!!

     when we got back to the house i was elated to be somewhere safe, and i met my newest friend.... the glowstick.  jason showed me how to spin and we did for the longest time stoppiung every once in a while to laugh. after some stick fun we decided to have another glass of tea, and the four of us polished off the rest, then turned off all the lights and tied the glowsticks to the celing fan, and cranked up soem pink floyd. we all layed there on th efloor and meditated and talked from time to time about how fucked up we were. it wsa the general concinsus that noone could move and we were all having some sort of outer body visions. while meditating i visited my family again and explained to them how this should be our main means of communication.

     finally after the second time through dark side of the moon we decided to watch another movie and i suggested crouching tiger hidden dragon. to this day i insist that that is the greatest movie ever made, and i still havent seen it in english. i didnt need to i knew what they were saying and doing, and all of it was awesome. after the movie we started to settle down. me josh and jason were crying from bieng so moved by th movie, and lori was laughing at us and suggested that we mighthave done too much. by this time the sun was starting to come up, and i decided to go for another walk. this time no one hesitteed when i asked them and everyone came with. we walked in teh dawn light and were still having pretty intense visuals. but nothing seemed to matter. josh said something about haw he felt like we were in the breakfast club, and we laughed about it all the way around the block and designated each of ourselfs a character in the movie. somehow i got to be th edorky kid who writes the paper in the end...huh!. and promised them that i would write a paper about all this one day.

    which brings me to this. i know its no Harvard document, but i feel it justifies the ocasion. in the end all of us went to sleep and stayed that way for about two days, but when i woke up o felt great that i had found new friends, a new favorite drug, and the thoughts that i had on one wild night of trippin.

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