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Second trip, ten times better

Taking turns

Last weekend was my first trip. I ate around 2.5 grams and never really felt the full effects. To describe it, I felt a little beyond stoned, but not much more. Music was very awesome to listen to. And we watched a few vides from Tool which throw you for a loop even if you aren't tripping. I would easily say we had a level one trip. After that I started to get a little skeptical. I felt that Iw as going ot eat a lot more next time and maybe that would help...

Friday night my roommate's friend came into town and decided to by the three of us some nice little shroomies. He only had hte money to buy each of us 2 grams, but I didnt mind. These ones looked a lot better than the last ones.  I downed them with a nice orange gatorade like I usually do. We lit the fireplace, turned on the tv and waited for the effects to kick in. My roommate decided to heat up some food and walked into the kitchen. I got up and followed him in there since I was kind of hungry too. I walked up behind him and he was just staring at the liquor bottles like they were moving. I was just watching him stare at the bottles until his eyes got around to me and he about jumped out of his skin because he didnt know I had followed him. When he turned to me his face looked distorted and when he jumped we both laughed histerically. I started crying from laughing so hard, then he started crying. We spent half of the night crying and laughing, it was hilarious. When I looked at the two of them it was like all I could see was their nose. They both looked really strange and it made me laugh.

After a while his friend started to freak out. He felt like he was going ot get sick, he kept making me get him water and asking us to do stuff for him. He really didn't understand the full effects of what was going to happen I think, and I think he thouight what was happening was bad. This caused him to have a pretty bad trip. He ended up locking himself into my roommates room and going to bed. He would come out just to go to the bathroom and look really confused. At one point he came out really pale, sat down adn asked if he was still alive. He said he saw God. That was a little strange for me.  He kept talking about the turns he was taking and it was confusing me and sort of freaking me out. He started to write on a piece of paper and this is what ended up coming from it...

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This was really creepy. We tried to help him as much as we could, but we also were trying to enjoy ourselves as much as we could. It was hard because he was really hindering us. I was happy when he finally went to sleep. 

During the hardest part of the trip my roommate was on his phone, his friend started leaning in to him and I was walking towards him. He freaked out and just hung his phone up and put it down. To me it looked like there was a sinkhole in his chest and everything was spinning and gravitating towards it and he said he felt the same thing. That was really strange that we both saw the same thing.  We spent a good amount of time looking in the mirror at our eyes. Mine were incredibly dilated and I enjoyed watching the iris change sizes and seeing my reflection in it. Petting our border collie was awesome too. She felt so soft. I kept going outside because it was a beautiful night. Perfectly clear and a nearly full moon. I stood on our porch and stared through the tree branches at the moon and the branches started to wave and wiggle.

At one point I walked into the middle of the street at around 4am. It felt like I was the only person in the universe. Looking around the street seemed to go on forever. Nothing was seemingly moving. I felt like time was standing still. We watched the movie Orange County and laughed a bunch. The scene where the building was on fire was awesome, it looked alive. There is also a scene where Pete Yorn sings his song "Lose You". It is a really chill song and I kept rewinding trying to find it. I would lose concentration and miss it, then fastforward and do the same thing. All of that made time seem like it was actually going back and forth. At one point I tried to hook up the PS2 so we could play guitar hero, but I couldnt concentrate enough to get it plugged in so I eventually quit.

I decided I wanted to go in the backyard since I hadn't been out there yet. We have a few trees and tiki torches and I thought it would be an awesome environment. I just stuck my head out the door and was looking around when out of the corner of my eye I saw my roommates dog running up and I heard a growl and thought it was going to attack me so I slammed the door really fast. Later in the night my roommate and I both went outside after letting the dog in and were just standing there. We have some short bushes against our fence and we thought our other roommates dog wasnt home. This dog is a huge, all white irish bloodhoud. Tons of fur, awesome looking god. NOT when you are tripping. We were talking and all the sudden the dog stuck its head up from behind a bush. Just enough so we could see its eyes, and didnt move at all. We looked at it for a while, then looked at eachother wondering if it was real. We kinda freaked out and came inside for a while, then I decided I had to know if it was really there or not. I went back outside and the dog was there, but it was acting strange and it creeped me out. It was probably wondering what the hell I was doing outside at 4am staring into space.

Overall I would say this was one of the best experiences I've had. It was a great time, my eyes still hurt days later from crying and laughing most of the night. I'm glad I tried it again and didn't keep doubting. I'm currently in the process of growing my own so hopefully they'll turn out just as good! Also, the next night at a bar, a random person walked up to me and put down a piece of paper that read 'Always attack a flying eyeball from behind". I have no idea what this means or why they did it. They just walked off. Anyone have any idea what it is?


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