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The Red Room and a Hard Look in the Mirror

This is about my sixth or seventh trip. I am a nontheist and I think this perspective helps make each trip very nice each time. I'm in North Dakota.

After purchasing twenty grams and saving the choicest looking specimens for the very last dosage time (of which is the subject of this account), I finally had a couple days off from work in which to imbibe the shrooms. I awoke next to my curent gorgeous girlfriend who would never approve of my shenanigans planned for the day, and so I dropped her off at class and said that I was going to work. I just drove back to my apartment and ate about an eigth (a HUGE cap, pieces of caps, and several stems). Mmmm... I put them on peanut butter and bread if only to be able to choke them down a bit more eloquently and efficiently. Well, that was that. I lit up a cigarrette and watched the only channel I get, NBC. Unfortunately, shitty Days of Our Lives were on. F*** that noise. So, I decided after a bit that I was feeling the trip come on a bit. I sat at by comp and played some K-PAX (w/ Kevin Spacey). It wasn't too bad, and I love the soundtrack.

Well, I paused it to piss, then came back to my puter and of course remembered that the sound would be all sorts of fucked if you stop the movie while it's playing. Oh well, I thought. Then I thought I had been jipped on the level of feeling I was getting. I usually flex my fists a bit to determine how intense the body high is getting. I had a tremendous body high going. Well then i got the idea to go visit my buddy at the Grease Monkey. So I grabbed my smokes and my keys and jumped in the car. Holy shit, it was a crazy ride, and I always felt like my car would break apart at any second. I made it to the south end of town and they told me he was downstairs (i'd never been at a place like this before). I went down where the cars would drive overhead... and when he saw me he knew right away I was TRIPPING FACE. He laughed and just started fuckin with me, really. The whole place was creepy, and I watched him run between cars and oil and grease them.

The unexpected happened, though. All of a sudden I saw him spill a huge bucket of coolant and grease! He yelled 'SHIT'! I murmured: "Whoa, sweeeet". Thats when I knew I was getting visuals beyond what I'd expected. The fluid smattered on the wall seemed to grow out and disappear and then goop up back again. It was wild. Time was becoming warped. It felt like hours, but it was just a few minutes. After shooting the shit with him for a while it was time for me to move my car, so I decided to role up to my friend Andrea's on the north side of town. Her husband is leaving her, so I might've been of some consolation in her dire time. Her daughter (age 4) is an absolute nut, just a HUGE ball of energy, but nothing is better than a damn crazy kid when your trippin. She made me bust up laughing several times with goofy faces and outrageous remarks. Andrea was being kind of a downer, so I busted out of there a bit early. It was scary enough driving to Andrea's, so I decided to take a trip back to my apartment. I got home and was relieved to just be alone. I paced around, I had two new packages from eBay lying by my door. It was a beautiful sunny day, but being inside my apartemnt was almost euphoric. I paced some more, and moved into my bedroom. The ROOM WAS RED. I thought surely the sunlight coming through the blanket over the window had something to do with it. But everything was REALLY red. Spectacular. I've read almost every trip report on this website, and was always anticipating this sort of phenomenon to occur eventually; that of the entire view in front of you turning red or green or what have you.

I dipped into the bathroom. Looked in the mirror. Had a lot of fun just looking at my beautiful self. First thing I said: "Yeah, you are kinda cute... I'd fuck you." Roflcopterz!! Creepy, huh? It was a creepy, cartoonish view of everything. I talked to myself in the mirror for what felt like hours. I tried to decide who I was really looking at. I was trying to learn more about myself. And I did. I paced some MORE, it felt like hours, checking my phone, I found it was only TWO MINUTES. TWO! I was totally berserk. I took a large knife and hacked my packages to bits. New pants. New hoodie. I dawned them. They were awesome! I was pretty happy. I called a few friends. I decided to smoke lots of cigarettes. It was a helluva good trip. I thought about several different facets of life. Where I was going, what needed to be done. It's always a great time. I came down slowly but surely and went to a play dowtown. I was really mellowed and happy for the next few days, as usual. Now I'm out of boomers, though. Time to re-up!

More later, hope you enjoyed reading. Please add your thoughts or comments below!

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