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tripping in miami

crazy times in the city

Alright I will fill you in the best I can...Well down here in miami its very rare to get mushrooms and ever rarier to get any quality mushrooms so when me and my friends met this guy playing hackey sack and he told us he had shrooms and he could sell them to us for cheap we jumped on it...so we bought from him the same weekend (we each took about 2 and a half that trip) and had a nice trip at a park we chill at sometimes.

Well the shrooms we got from him were the best any of us have had in a long time so we wanted more and went back the next weekend to get some more but this time we really wanted to trip and all bought more then he said we needed and he was right. So we went to the park and split up the shrooms accordingly (there were 8 of us I belive) and each ended up with about 4 shrooms of varying sizes the biggest ones being about 8 or 9 inchs the smallest being 3-5 inchs. So we started eating the shrooms and before we had even finished eating all of the shrooms we were tripping as hard as we had at the peak of are last trip so we knew that it was going to be intense.

So just as we finished eating the shrooms it started raining so we all ran and hid under  part of the playground. Now less then 10 mins after we had taken the mushrooms we started really tripping and when I closed my eyes I got the weirdest visions of all kinds of stuff like broken glass and naked girls it was really crazy but I was getting anxious being so close to all these people even though thier my close friends and my sister was feeling the same way so we all started getting annoyed but luckly the rain stopped soon and we all came out of hiding and went back to are table which is marked with all are drawing and names from countless nights of hanging out and drinking and this is when are drawings and graffiti started rise off the table and mix together creating crazy designs and then woould float back down and become part of the table again only to melt together again...after watching this with great intrest for awhile I turned back to my friends and realized I had to go somwhere but didnt know where so i said bye to my friends who told me that I wasnt leaving so I sat back down (my friend told me the next day that he thought I was going to kill somebody because I had on a smile that was streching my face out and was constantly running my hand through my hair) only to realize that I couldnt stay so i stood back up said goodbye once again only to be told I couldnt leave again and sit back down I belive this happend several times before I actully left and  had a few of them chase me and not succed in bringing me back...I was determined to get out of there.

SO I walk out to the main street only to realize I rather be back at the park so i turned around and walked back but I couldnt find my friends so I just sat down on a bench [I later found out my friends had left to cvs]. this is when the trip really started to take ahold and I really lost grip on reality. For who knows how long I sat at this bench making noises and singing which sounded amazing to me but probably sounded like nothing but noises to anyone not on shrooms. then I realized my hands were growing and distorted to the point where they looked alot like molecules or dna. but soon they snapped back and I crossed my arms to hold them together but then my fingers which were holding my arm tightly so they wouldnt fall off or anthing went right through my arm.

after much more I cant remember I decided I wanted to go look at a local graffiti wall but never got there instead I ended up at a bus stop not far from the wall with no idea how I got there until the next day when I rememebed walking down the middle of the road with cars honking but much of the trip to the bus stop is still a mystery to me. from there I took the bus home and tripped for a great while in my room and took a shower where the water melted me but I was still together when I got out and dried off. then my friends called me to come and meet them in a parking lot near my house. this is when the trip finally started dying down which I was thankful for because even though it was a good trip I felt I had been tripping for atleast a year. so i get to the parking lot and see my friends and there taking more mushrooms! but I had had enough and decided it was time to get some sleep and said goodbye once again and went back up to my room where I laid awake still high from the trip. there was more to the trip but some of it is unexplainable or else I cant remember it clearly

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