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Gotta Get Down Here

This was my first time tripping on shrooms.

This was my first time tripping on shrooms. I had done acid and DXM a few times before, but this was the best trip I've ever had.

I was sitting at my house bored out of my mind and I get a phone call from my friend, who was at a LAN cafe, it's also the local hot spot for drugs.
He says to me, "You have got to get down here now."
"Erik has a backpack full of shrooms."
And off I go.
I got tot he cafe just before Erik left and we walk down into the wash and he pulls out about 8 bags, each filled with an 1/8.
"Take your pick"
I pick up a bag with alot of shake, a couple caps, and dried mushroom with a huge cap and an enormous stem. It looked like a winner to me. Me and my friend Jay start to eat them and I was suprised at how good they tasted, it wasn't difficult to eat them at all.
About an hour after that I'm getting ansy, hoping that I didn't just waste $20, and thats when it hit me. It didn't creep on slowly, it just rushed over me. I had a warm, tingly, wave sensation pulsing through my body and my mind is spinning. I look over to Jay and say, "Whoooaaa."
At that time we're sitting in a dark room with a bunch of people playing loud computer games, so I suggest that we go walk around in the wash (little dried out river area behind the place). So we head out down there. While we're walking I'm looking at all the plants and they look so amazing, shriveled roots, purple flowers contrasted against golden-brown stems. It was all beatiful. So we keep walking and our friend Ian is all of a sudden next to us, he literally came out of nowhere. So we keep walking, and we find our friend Brett down there who was baked out of his skull, and Jay says, "Whoa Brett, what are YOU doing down here?" and Brett says, "I'm hunting." Being in the state of mind, or out of the state of mind that we were, we thought nothing of it. We follow Brett around some trees to a shaded area where one of his friends, and Erik are smoking some bud. So we go ahead and Ian pulls out his peice and we all start smoking out. It was the hardest time I ever had hitting a pipe, I couldn't get the lighter to flame up, and when it did I couldn't aim it over the bowl, but Ian came over and lit my hits for me. After awhile we all start getting social and we all start talking to each other and I find out that Erik and Brett's friend is a bum who LIVES in the wash, and at the time I thought that was a noble and independent thing to do. He smokes weed, plays computer games, has a janitorial job, and then sleeps in the wash. Everything we said to each other had a familiarity about it, as if I'd said or heard the phrase somewhere before. As we're talking I look down and see a bunch of dried up leaves on the ground, so I sit down and start playing with them. Holding them up and looking at them the brown edges of them start swirling around the leaf and some of the leaves had holes and a few of them smiled at me. So I decided to lay down in the leaves and stare up at the tree that was shading us. As I stared at it for awhile, my mind formed the coolest snapshot of it and it stayed in my mind for awhile, I can only describe it as the flame pattern at the end of the "Tool - Schism" video, but it was blue and green instead of black and red. Then I start making a leaf angel in the ground and the rustling noise echoed in and out of my ears. After that we went back up and walked into a 7-11 to get some slurpees and Jay spilled his slurpee all over the counter where he was paying and from that point on he got a little paranoid and he started getting a really bad trip from that point on, cause after awhile he started to think about his life and how he wasn't really going anywhere, and then he started crying to me, and I got really scared. I thought he was going to kill himself, so I told him to come with me, and we went walking at night and I tried my best to comfort him, but I didn't REALLY know what to say. Other than that I had a really good time, and I like shrooms ALOT better than DXM or Acid, even though shrooming was a little confusing at times it was still a great trip. Next time I hope to be by myself a little bit more as I can kind of relax and meditate. I really like to just mellow out and let myself go while tripping.

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