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2 grams first time Great Tripp..


Ok it was a Friday night and i was staying at my friends house earlier that day we came up with some money i have never tried shrooms but have heard it was great ..my normal weed dealer we can call him bob well bob is a big shroom head and gets the real good shit ...anyways i told bob next time he gets some shrooms to call me well at the perfect time on a friday with money he calls me saying he has some fire ass mushrooms not no cow shit lol i guess i never did before ... and he was telling me how he ate 3 and a half grams and could close his eyes and visuliaze on top of a pyramid in egypt with sand blowing and in then switch to seeing space and all kinds of shit and wow that sounded fucking great i had to get some ok so me and my friends hesitated for little over and hour tryin to find a ride up too college to pick them up ...my friend finally found a ride and i waited at friends house till they got back i called to check on them they were on way back with the shrooms i got real exicted.

When they get back my friend handed me my 2 grams and i put them in my mouth and chewed and sucked on them for about 10 minutes them chewed and swallowed like bob told me too  ok we had 6 grams and 4 people but 2 ppl pitched in less $ so me and my friend had 2 grams each and other 2 had 1 ... my other friend (16)weighs about 130 pounds he started feeling the trip come on after 45 minutes me (17) i weigh about 172  and my friend (20) about 210 anyways me and my friend sat around and played old school nintendo mario cart 64 too wait for the tripp to kick in as my other friend was feeling it but not too the max listening to music... we waited another hour as my friend was tripping hard ..i started to feel a head change and my other friend was pissed saying this is a waste of money and weak shit .....oh really? one of our friends came over and had some weed we explained to him we just ate some shrooms and he was lauphing at our other friend cus he was trippin balls at this time so our friend smokes about 3 fat ass joints with us and leaves ..after i got high...i started to get full effect of the shrooms...this is when the world changed....

everything went sloowwwwwwwwwwwww and we had the lights out and i was just kind of lauphing at everything for a few minutes and my friends sister threw this god damn white cat in my friends dark room and we didnt see her do it till she told us later and we tripped balls and ran outta the room ....thats when if u ever went to church when u were little and u seen that fucking veggie tales show that muther fuckin red tomato kept poppin up on my friends living room wall and his mom was lauphing at us all night by the way (shes cool) anyways i started pacing slowly back and forth in my friends hall just tripping on shit my friend smoked his last ciggarette and was bitching and trippin saying he wants to walk to store and get some more which was a fucking retarded idea since we were on shrooms and it was about 1 am or later at the time and a mile and half walk ...so we ended up  walking to the pic n tote at 1 in the morning and oh my god i was seeing so much shit and hearing ppl walking behind me but when i turned around they werent there

...we got closer too the store and i dont remeber how but i ended up in this wet muddy ditch and so did my friend my other friend who ate 1 gram was tryn to tell us to get out and we were hiding i guess he said bcus we thought we saw a cop ... and was paranoid cus my dumb ass friend had a pipe on him.. anyways we get back in the road and finish the way to the store my friend whos 20 and was going to buy the ciggarettes starts tripping out hard and saying he cant go in the stores because he is a problem child??? WTF?? got me?? then he was saying he cant buy ciggarettes for minors sorry.... lmao thats when i just started lauphing as we both were trippin hard...finally we got him to go in and buy them...we waited outside store..and was hoping he didnt trip out in store ...he came out safely and we each lit up a ciggarette and started walking back to friends.. u remeber when ur a kid and u seen that pochahantus movie with the talking willow tree well as we were walking back on the side walk my friend kept claiming that darth vader is following us..lol...and i was lookin into yards and just seeing hell of shit ...and i seen this tree turn into that talking willow tree off that movie and was just asking me weird ass questions some random shit i kept walking little faster then friends as i was getting away ...

i felt like pink floyd after that we get closer to my friends house but decide to sit on his porch for a bit my friend kept seeing ufos and shit...everytime some 1 said they saw something it put a picture into my brain and i saw it too...we tripped on the porch for about 30 minutes then went inside were our 4th tripper stayed which we havnt seen in a hour or more .... oh fuck this is were shit went bad for my friend...my friend was right in the middle of a Bad TRIP...his eyes were open as ive ever seen anyones eyes go looked like they were going to pop out of his head ...he was saying hes going to kill him self seriously and shit he was trying to bang his head on the wall and we were tripping bad we didnt much have the mind control to control him..but somehow managed too anyways ..we grabbed him and threw him on a bed and said stay we gave him a game control and told him to play the game ...he threw my friends control by the way this kid is the lightest there like 125 pounds ..dont trip with 15 year olds guys...he was just doing weird shit hitting him self being stupid tripping hard it took a while to calm him down but he finally mellowed out and started lauphing and shit  my friend was getting pissed at him as he broke his control anyways it was about 2:30-3 am now and i was finally calmed down and begin to tripp hard again i laid in a quiet room and was on a bed with lights out as thats my favorite thing to do while i was trippin that night...i kept hearing something talking from the closet...What the fuck...i kept seeing something peek out of it.. i yelled and my friend came in there and was seeing it too and was hearing it and shit we were tripping out hard..we turned light on and looked in there nothing there so we left the room my phone starts to ring and i slowly get it and answer its my dealer bob ...hes asking me weird shit he mustve ate alot ..he was asking for morpheus and asking if  i have the phone line tapped and shit...wtf i finally said id call him back tommorow cus he was trippin it was funny though... one of my friends was on his 8th beer and was on shrooms he was drunk and tripping i decided to start drinking i kicked about 7 or 8 beers back in about a 1-to 1 n half hours and had a good buzz to tipp off my tripp i was watching scooby doo on cartoon network just having best time drinkin beer with only other friend who was drinking..i wish i couldve explained everything i saw that night but i cant remember all lol shrooms was a great experience i cant wait till this upcoming weekend cus eating more of them and probally higher dose =] if u havnt ate shrooms what the fuck are u waiting for ...trip out enjoy life ...peace!

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