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First Time Shroomin

Hopefully it only gets better...

Well I'll make this short because there is only one word to describe it. AWESOME! Ate the shrooms at around 4:30 (an 1/8th to be exact) and sat down to play guitar hero. After playing for about

20 minutes I started feeling a little woozy and proceeded to go lay down. I figured I better just let this do its thing rather than being tough and playing guitar hero to bug me out. So as I lay in my

bed looking at the ceiling it seemed as if the whole room was moving around me. At about 5 oclock, one of my friends then proceeded to offer me a spot on the blunt which I gladly took. After

smoking the blunt was when things really got wild. Laying down for about 20 minutes (its now about 5:30) and the blunt high really started to hit me all I can remember was flashing like, sort

of like being on the Vegas Strip, all flashing with the beat of a song that I found on youtube. (Type in "Listen To This While High", its the guy playing the guitar). Everytime I would start the song, I

tripped until the song was over, roughly 3 minutes or so. So from about 5:30 until 7 I laid in bed listening to this song over and over completely tripping over the visuals before my eyes. Then a

buddy of mine took me out in the rain, which really blew me away. It felt as if I was getting poked with pins and needles, but it was a good poke not like stabbing me to death and whatnot. After

being out in the rain for a little while we went back inside to where I went back on my bed and tripped like no tomorrow. The last trip I had was probably around 8:30 but for 3 hours of

awesomeness it was fucking great. My buddy however was not as fortunate. He decided to play Call of Duty 4 all night, like he does when we get high, but on shrooms it definitely wasnt as fun

for him. He literally thought he was in the game getting shot at and basically hid in the corners scared shitless.  All in all though, I'll definitely be attempting these again.

So for anyone who wants to do shrooms, from my own personal experience. Do it somewhere where you can relax and be comfortable and listen to some of your favorite music and let the

shrooms do their thing. Don't force yourself to play videogames or go outside hoping to see crazy things. ENJOY IT!

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