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Alone and mind blowing!

2nd trip and by far the best. Hard to see anyhting topping this for me

I tripped for the second time 3 months after my first trip. my first trip I split an eighth by eye with a friend who had dosed many times. I felt the energy and altered state but just slightly. the shrooms truly hit approx. an hour and a half into it while I lay on my futon in another room from my buddy as my computer played a list of classic rock I downloaded. at that momment I felt as if everything were right and my futon moved beneath me and reached up around me not swallowing but embracing me. my eyes were closed and it was awesomely comforting. as the music played it seemed as though eveyrthing was happening for a reason everytime the song changed it seemed as though the next was even beter even though they were randomized. This sadly lasted for only 10 minutes and I began to come down quickly.  I was sort of let down and confused but still happy for what I got, the brief window into bliss. I had done a large amount of reseach and really had no intention of getting "fucked up" but rather enlightened. I had very few visuals I enjoyed the palms of my hands for a few momments as well as watching my arm hair grow, nothing wild though or at least unexpected I should say.

The big thing I noticed from this trip was that when I was alone I enjoyed myself much more. I enjoyed being with my buddy and it did feel safe but at the same time when we were talking and giggling the entire time, I found I was not able to concentrate on my own vibes.

Taking all of this forward skip ahead 3 months. I purchased some more cubes,  a scale, and some bose headphones. The week before I saved a bunch of high def nature and live music TV programs I downloaded a large amount of songs both classic rock which I love like, cream, doors, zeppelin, and many more but I also heard something on a message board about sigur ros (not my music at all) and went crazy getting about 20 of their songs.  the fateful day was 2 days after I worked and I would still have 2 more days off after the trip before I worked again. I ate healthy and light mostly juice and tea for the week leading up to the it. I also cleaned my house top to bottom and I just have to say I think preparation is everything but what do I know being a newbie and all. I dosed around 11:00 am on 2g which I questioned because I had come to the conclusion  with some advice that I had a natural tolerance after my last endeavor, but weighing that factors of me being alone, a novice, and having a new batch, I decided to play it safe and up it only slightly.  some time passed as I prepared my environment placing numerous blankets on the couch in my living room and on the futon in the office. I finished updating my IPOD and plugged in my headphones and waited.

around 11:30 it hit me as i sat in the middle of the futon wrapped in a blanket. my floor turned into an ocean of waves and I could feel the intense body energy in my arms and legs pulsing through me. The television and living room did not appeal whatsoever it was funny how rooms have different emotions not like as a set emotion but for that momment in time I could see the differnce in light and aura of each room.  I had a fit of the giggles  as I talked to myself for a while  and cracking up as I would say "what a trip " and thinking it was absolutley hillarious because I was tripping (yeah i know). I realized I needed to use the bathroom, hearing that mirrors can be scary I left the light off and went about taking a leak. Afterwards I could not  help but look in the mirror and with just a small amount of light coming in from a well lit room down the hallway I watched my face slowly age and droop revealing all of the blood vessels of the circulatory system in my face. It was not discomforting in any way and I think I rather enjoyed it. I flicked the light switch on and the two bulbs over the sink and one overhead were brilliant. It may have been due to the sparkling clean bathroom as well as the yellow walls my girlfriend and I painted but it was beathtaking.  My facial distortions had entirely faded and I looked at myself. Now I am not self absorbed but I felt like I too was shining, its hard to describe but my self confidence was booming through the roof. I looked like a movie star. I walked back to the futon room which had the feel of comfort but I was no longer interested in that. I looked back at the bathroom and I was just totally fucking drawn to it, its warmth just beckoned. I grabbed my headphones and Ipod and just instinctively wheeled my computer chair to the bathroom placed in front of the mirror and closed the door behind me. I clicked on the sigur ros playlist and placed it on the repeat setting. for the next three hours I never left that bathroom, it was my own little world. The light overhead pulsed with the music I cant describe it as any feeling other than pure bliss. at times I just stared at my reflection as it stared back like a differnet person not ever blinking or moving, other times it was like I was seeing myself in a movie in a scene where everthing is going on around me just a blur of movement in my peripheral field but I am straight and focused like when time is passing around a character in fast forward but he is standing still (hard to describe). The music intesified every emotion 10 fold and think what you want but my eyes were watering from the beauty of all the emotions I felt. at times I could feel birth, death, and rebirth and the entire cycle of life and what it meant and none of it bad just the way it is and how perfect everything really is. I remeber at one point feeling slightly cold but then as if I willed it the light in the room picked back up, it was like the sun had just come out over me and I could feel the heat pouring over me in rays I closed my eyes and rubbed my legs and arms as if I were showering in it, and the funniest part was it felt refreshing.  I cracked up to myself coining it a "sun shower". As all of this passed I was still feeling it but I was becoming more relaxed and peaceful. i returned to the futon and burried myself in blankets becoming lost  under them in pure darkness and eventually seing a colorful light show above me and around me. I dont recall wether my eyes were open or closed but I remeber the confusion of it at the time and assume it was a little of both but who cares.

I slowly came down from that point on and was just emotionally and physically drained. I wanted it to last forever and I felt so enlightened during my trip but as it ended  that to faded except for a slight afterglow. I look forward to tripping again but not for a while though. It felt so pure. when I really got there it was that tease I had experienced the first time but for 4 hours. what i found interesting and maybe its only true for me, i always had the perception it was all about the mind blowing visuals. This last trip the visuals meant so little and the emotion was EVERYTHING!!!  Good vibes is where its at.

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