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What the hell is wrong with me?

26 Coricidin, 2blunts, 12shots

So lets get this all out on the table before I go into detail about my story. I dated a girl for some time and we eventually broke up like everyone else does over time. We never really got over eachother but we both pretended to...till tonight.

It started out as an easy morning. My friend Jenna was having this birthday party at a club she rented out for the night. So I have this idea. I call up Jenna and ask her what she wants for her birthday; she responded with "weed". So being the gentleman that I am, I bought her a gram of some amazing dank. Now back to the story. She said she didnt mind if I drank before because there were going to be PLENTY of people there and it wouldnt have mattered. So I get a bottle of Patron for me and my friends Will and Mike. We drink the entire bottle and go out on the back porch at Mikes house and face two blunts of some Skunk. By this time I'm high as fuck and drunk. I kepted zoning out and started to be shy. We go upstairs and get ready for the party. We go to this party and of couse my ex is there. Bad thing was is she was drunk as shit. So I'm sitting in the VIP with my buddies just talking and having fun, until she comes in and tries talking to me. Of couse with the hurt feelings I still had towards her, I turned my brain impervous to hers. She didnt care; she was drunk. So I go downstairs in the bathroom to go wash my face because I am sweating my balls of since it was Mid July. My friend Andy and Matt came up to me while I was washing my face and go.


I look at them and ask what the hell are these. They tell me they are CCC's. Well at this point I'm pissed off and fucked up and think to myself, "what the hell seriously? what can some pussy ass cough medicine do". So I grabbed the CCC's and popped them 11 at a time. Andy and Matt both look at me with wide eyes and go "dude you only need to take like 12 to get fucked up". I , of course, dont listen to them and walk back upstairs to the VIP. My ex is still sitting there! I sit down and she sits on my lap. I look over at my buddy Tyler and go is this shit really happening? after all the hell this girls put me through, is she honestly being like this towards me?". Tyler was high as fuck and started geeking out. I look up at my ex and before I could say a word she started to make out with me. Now this was a huge shock for those around me, because they would have never guessed a moment like this happening EVER, esp. with the situations prior to this. We were making out for around 40min and the CCC's hit me harder than a brick. I couldnt see straight. I couldnt think straight. Hell, I didnt know what the hell was going on. So after I stopped making out with her I move to the dance floor where I start dancing with her. Everything was insane. I thought at times the strobe lights were absorbing all the energy inside me and that  the music was pumping energy into me. I sit down cause I begin to trip. My friend Tyler started looking chinese, and it wasnt because he was high. Sounds started becoming hollow and wavey, and I couldnt speack without slurring everyword. By the end of the party I'm still tripping and me and a group of friends were walking back to the car, and I didnt know that I was standing in the road. A black car comes rolling down the road, and at this hour i thought it was a liquid black bubble. My friend Andy comes out of nowhere and pushes me out of the street. Saved my life. So they get me into the car and were driving down the street. Everything around me looked like it was made of melting plastic. I began to feel like my lungs werent functioning. I got to my friends house and laid down and smoked a blunt to ease my mind. I woke up the nex t day at 1 and sat there in disbelif about the night before...A night I'll never forget.

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