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prismatic pirahnas

brilliant day from some scetchy lookin boomers

I had been trying for ever to trip by my city had been rather dry for a long time so when I found out that I could get some boomers I decided I would also get enough to share the wonderful little beings with others so my friend and  C. I went in on a zip. our mutual friend B. was the one who could get the boomers so the friend that I had gone in on the zip with gave her a gram each considering she had driven two cities away to get them and C's brother S bought some off him to trip with us. when the boomers got there they were the bluest little things I had ever seen and I got a bit scared they were contaminated (some parts even looked black)  but since I had spent money I would never get back  on them I decided there was only one way to find out if they were good and we tripped during one of those good ol'  New England snowstorms. the thing about snow is the way it changes the whole city at least for one day. the cops are with the rest of the emergency personnel are out rescuing people and everyone else is far too busy digging out and on top of that people are expected to be acting out of sorts so a crew of trippers wouldn't look as conspicuous as if it were  just some snow free Tuesday night. I took 2.5 grams and broke them up really fine, mixed them into a glass of OJ and downed em all. I was taking the highest dose out of all my friends and it was also the highest dose I ever took so I was exited. we started out by watching a nirvana dvd that I swear was made for tripsters jumping seemingly randomly between concert footage and interview/behind the scene footage with no segways. by the time we were starting to trip the storm was subsiding and my friend decided that since his mom told him to shovel the driveway shoveling snow onto B's car would suffice and also serve to camouflage a primo clambake we had planned (clambake a.k.a hotbox/fishbowl but I’m from good ol' NE). since there was no snow on the side windows we put a blanket up to block the view of the diggers out that surrounded  my friends apartment. we began sparking pipes and king size J's to our domes and I decided to ask if it was just me or was the snow we had placed on the  windshield was  actually  flowing as it seemed to be. I answered my own question but C turned to me and said in a large semi sarcastic grin "no dude, it is moving." it was as if he was saying in "real life no, but here yes" and I understood. in the midst of  this sesh  I remember at one point I became too incapacitated to speak in sentences so I had to signal through the vast separating void of this segment of the trip to my friends "take weed"  as I tried to direct their fluttering minds to the vice that still circulated in out little space. also at some point C decided that in making his point that it seems like were in some strange little world all alone we were actually surrounded by people and he illustrated how he could fracture our current perception of reality by simply opening his door. as the smoke billowed out into the cold sunny post storm day I wondered what the rest of the world must think of us and laughed at the prospect. we stepped back out into the snowscape that so easily morphed into a sea of blinding white as the car we just inhabited waved goodbye good thing I had my sunglasses...good thing. C and I went inside and finished the dvd while B and S went to Dunkin Donuts. I had been having a very hard time trying to stop laughing for most of the trip and when B and S returned this created quite the interesting situation. b was FAR too intense a tripper for me to handle at this juncture apparently she was laughing and smiling but she had the most maniacal look on her face and I thought she was verging on a "bad trip." finally her friend came to pick her up and bought some mush from me. brilliant had been the word of the day so much so that I made a point to tell everyone I didn't even know why I was saying it so much. and that 70's show coupled with my intensely tripping friend mixed with the heat and the fact that no body could work muster the strength to back another bowl let alone come with me on a walk that I really wanted to go on I began to trip really intensely. there was one point I know I almost had a bad trip. my mind drifted to thoughts of B and  as I laid on the floor I imagined it as a vast black body of water I floated on the top of and as the laughs started to come back I  could only envision them as piranhas nibbling at my soul and dragging it all purple and black kaleidoscope beneath the water and the most intense flutter of emotion swept over me but I quickly laughed at the prospect of a bad trip see, my first trip had been so intense that I quickly learned  fighting a trip only made it worse and that no matter what happens there will always be an end to the trip and knowing this usually makes the idea of a "bad trip" pretty laughable for me. as soon as B left we opened a window and smoked a bowl everything became quite lovely at this point and C and S's mom came home pissed they didn't shovel so I helped them and she began to suspect something. she fed us dinner and when she finally got it out of me...because I was tripping out on the fat separating itself from the rest of the food juices and she asked "why do you guys keep doing those?" and C answered with perhaps on of my favorite quotes "That’s a dumb question...because we like them!" (she knows about  us smoking and taking mushrooms occasionally but since were all 18 or older her take on it is just try and talk us out of doing it.) I missed so much of the trip in this report even with all that I’ve written I only abridged it because I know that you've probably already tired of reading this much..haha thanks for hearing my story :).

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