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Talking to my soul

My first shroom trip, best experience of my life

This is my first trip and is very hard to explain, but I figure that most people here have had similar experiences so you will understand what I went through.

I have been wanting to try pspsychedelics for about half a year.  I have a lot of questions about life.  One of my friends eventually said he found some shrooms, so I bought 2 grams.  The next day me and my good friend who I usually drink and smoke with decided to go up to a state park and he would trip sit for me.  It was superbowl sunday, so naturally everybody was at home getting ready for the game.

My friend drove over to my house, and I ate the 2 grams, It was about noon.  As for set and setting I was extremely happy, and I am very comfortable in the park. So we got in the car and he drove to the park.  The park is about a 30 minute drive away.  I put in the Beatles for the drive over and towards the end of the drive I started to feel euphoric and music sounded better.  We were driving on a hilly road so when I went down hill it felt like I was floating.  When we got to the park we walked around, nothing major was really happening for the next 30 minutes or so.  After about an hour after ingestion, everyting looked extremely beautiful.  After another half hour of hiking things were starting to get intense.  I remember looking at the sky and thinking that the clouds were ripping open and then closing, just like a zipper, then the clouds would swirl around.  Also colors were in layers, just like a paint by numbers.  And anything that I had questions about were answered.  Everything made sense to me.  I remember saying that "everything is everything." Then I peaked 2 hours of ingesting it.  My friend decided to get me off the trail just in case someone came by because I would have gotten some suspicious stares.  Every thought that I had contridicted itself.  I would say something and immediately say the exact oppisite.  I thought that I was walking in my mind talking to my soul, if that makes any sense at all.  I was talking to the birds and just having a great time.  My friend said that he had to tell me not to lick a tree.  I was just completely connected with nature.  There were many moments of eternity througout the trip.  As for hallucinations, I looked as far as I could into the woods and I could have sworn I saw a pack of sled dogs go by (which would not happen where I live), and I also grabbed a throny vine and my friend said dont touch that, so I let go and looked up and everything looked like it had huge thorns on it.  I realized that I had two small cuts on my finger, and my friend had to convince me that the thorn did not go through.  My hand was twisting all over the place.  After 31/2 hours after ingesting i was coming down and was physically and mentally exhausted.  It was the best most intense experience of my life.


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