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i fell into the sun..

and other things

So a couple weeks ago I completed my second trip on shrooms, and I must say... this is my new favorite drug. Anyways, we started eating the shrooms (gold caps) at 9:30 and waited for them to take affect. After a good 20 minutes, it hit me like a freight train. Some friends of mine were watching a very dramatic/graphic episode of Lost, which ive never seen before, but it started giving me a bad vibe. THe music was intense and erie, but i soon realized the drug was making me feel this way, put some covers over my head and thought of better things... It only got better from there. We started watching the series Planet Earth, which is amazing on shrooms. At the beginning I believe the sun rises quickly over the horizon and the earths detail becomes apparent rapidly. In my mind I saw the sun getting bigger, so then assumed I was getting closer to the sun. When the sun got big very fast, I felt as if I was hurtling twoards the sun, that was the only thing in my field of vision. I just put my hands up and started to enjoy the ride.

When I came back to reality, and looked around, I realized I just tripped balls. I had to explain to my friends what happened to me, but I felt nobody understood the magnitude I just undertook. As the night progressed, many things happened. I nicknamed the bathroom, and watched Planet Earth as I saw bats turn into birds then back into bats again.  I also tried on a friends pants, hes a skinny guy, because I felt the need to prove to him, that they would fit me perfectly. Im 116/F and they were a little baggy, but i could have pulled it off. I spent the remainder watching Radiohead videos, doing interpretive dance/narration to entertain my friends. All in all it was a beautiful night and I felt very in touch and connected with people and the world.

So I will end there because I don't feel like typing much. My advice to those who want to trip for the first time, don't take alot and be in a comfortable enviroment/setting with people you enjoy. Don't just do them because they are available, and its probably not best to do them alone. Bye, and have a good trip!

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