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My last shroom trip was in 1979 !

This was just awesome.

I'm a 43 yr old divorced male, with a demanding and frustrating  job, and have had my share of ups and downs...in fact, I seem to suffer from chronic, but mild depression.

However, for men around their mid-forties, this is very common.  Not much to worry about. 

So I hope this will be interesting in a different way for you.
Right now I'm still coming down.  So you can expect this account to be a little rambling.
I did shrooms when I was in high school, and thought they were the cat's ass.
(For those of you NOT from Canada, this means they were great.)
I have a scientific mind, and work regularly in "clean rooms" in the pharmaceutical industry, so the the idea of growing my own shrooms
really took me by storm. 

Finally today, I find that this Saturday is the right day to sample my harvest.

The time is right, I am actually feeling optimistic today for a change.
At work, I now have a major glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel on a project that has taken me
to the depths of despair, shall we say.  I have a tough job, and I swear that my regular small doses of hashish are the only thing that
allows me to handle it.  Mom advises just keep at it.  (the job, I mean) She's always right...

I can't handle weed, it makes me very nervous, just thought I'd add that.....
Anyway, I ate 2 and a half dried shrooms around 1 PM with half a sandwich...I didn't want to get hungry into the experience.
75 minutes later, I felt nothing.  So I ate 3 more....an hour later I was feeling fairly good. Things were kinda groovy, I was laughing at times, just felt real nice.
But was not seeing "those visuals" I have read so much about..I soon decided to eat the rest of my harvest completely, which amounted to about
3 more.  These are Amazonian strain, the stalks were very skinny before I dried them, but after, they were like little crispy twigs

Around 4:30 was when things started getting FUN.

First of all, I highly recommend watching the movie Ice Age.
I started watching this, fairly soon after eating the first batch, and quickly fell in love with the characters.  What an awesome movie.
The folks at Pixar Animation are simply gods. I especially loved the woolly mammoth's facial expressions.
Anyway, this movie is essentially a sobering intro to kids about global warming, as well as the reason behind why all forms of animal life
became extinct at the end of the last ice age.  It became depressing to watch as the movie unfolded, as I'm an animal lover, and you can't help but be the
same while watching this movie.  I had to turn it off for awhile. (More reasons for that below...)
Anyway, around 5:30 was when I had the BEST time...I have to say first off...what's with the endless yawning?   I was yawning through the whole afternoon,
while at the same time tripping out very nicely.
The yawning ended about an hour ago when I made a strong coffee, without which I would not be able to type out this account.
I did find that during the height of the trip, I saw no visuals, I experienced a little motor dis-function, like I was drunk, and the whole time, I was
switching back and forth every few seconds between all of the following:

laughing insanely, acting like an idiot, then laughing, tiredness, drunken slurring and laughing, yawning every minute, the whole time my thoughts were an endless supply of comedy,
I did smoke a very small amount of hash just after eating the last 3 shrooms.  Which I thought enhanced things.
One of the coolest things I ended up doing... was, well, I have to set the stage...in my basement there is my PC, and the sound card is connected to a home stereo
amplifier, and I have 2 good loudspeakers situated on opposite sides of my office-style swivel chair.  I ended up with the music at full volume, playing Emerson Lake and Palmer's Toccata (off the Brain Salad Surgery album) wearing nothing but a T shirt, twirling around madly in the swivel chair, my head hung way back,  the sound swirling crazily around me, and occasionally just bursting out either laughing hysterically, or biosterously  voicing my opinion about how amazing this was (generally something like:  yeeeaaahhh...fucking amaaaazing..while laughing like a madman at the same time...)
It was utterly incredible.....
Prior to this, (earlier in the trip) I decided I was going to do shrooms with my Mom, whom I know would enjoy them. (I smoked pot with her 20 years ago, just
after my father died of cancer...it was like a very strange bonding experience for us, although she said she never felt anything
from the dope,.....nowadays, she is 72 years old, and still loves listening to early Pink Floyd, I kid you not...she is totally cool....but don't get me wrong,  Mom does not do drugs, our family is well
educated, very kind and intelligent, and we are all respected citizens in our communities..OK enough blathering on about that)

Anyway, overall, , many funny things happened...I loved it..and can't wait till my next crop.

I did find the endless switching back and forth of feelings kinda felt a little tiring.

I did worry a bit about the possibility that my shrooms had some contamination, but I don't seem to be suffering any ill-effects right now.
In fact, only about 90 minutes have passed since the peak, and I feel just fine, and pretty well back to  normal.
I will say this...shrooms intensify everything it seems....even the movie was too gripping and cataclysmic for me, but you have to watch it to see what I
mean...(a large population of defenceless animals about to become extinct by drowning..the gigantic ice walls around their paradise are cracking, and an entire ocean is about to flood in on their entire kingdom...their mortal fear and terror is plainly evident in their faces and well played up by the animators at Disney....kind of depressing..but the movie does have a happy ending..which does not echo what really happend a million years ago...but hey, that's Hollywood.)
Shrooms will also bring you back mentally to the very basics of human existence....thoughts like:  male likes female...females will always be typically
female....males will always be typically male....and you have to live with it, roll with it, and try to find someone who can see things the way you do...too many femmes today are either poisoned by status, material desires, or are simply throttled by self-image concerns, or low self-esteem, which all can kill an otherwise promising co-existence.  But hey, there are tons of idiot men out there too...Another insight you will have on shrooms: All the other man-made stuff that surrounds and just complicates our daily lives has no importance...the only thing that matters is love.
But alas, we all need to go to work, so we can afford a comfortable existence.

UPDATE:  2 months later....I did 5.4 grams (for those of you who don't know the metric system, this is about 1.5 times an eighth)   at around 6 PM..and spent the rest  of the evening more or less sitting in my lazy-boy in front of my speakers...I have a high end sound system and started listening to Zingaia....it was like sex without  a body...she took me to a female nirvana...I ended up in another dimension...occasionally going:  "mmmmm". ...  around 11 PM I had to will myself not to barf...I ate something and felt better...I also watched Dinosaurs   (the Disney movie)...once again an animated flick...was great...mabe one of these days I'll do shrooms outside the house...haha


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