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OUR Ancestors and the song of thanks in creation.


Ok hey, I'm A, but you can call me Looking Crow.

This mustv'e been the spring of 2006.  I was on an herbal road trip (yes herbaLISM), I was taking a course and it involved a lot of field studies of plants and their usages/preparations/traditions etc.....

I've been studying Herbal medicine in all forms since I was 11, I am now 21, and with 10 years of experience behind me, I know still that I have learned nothing.

-Set and setting: Somewhere southewest of Ajo, AZ.  Saguaro N.F. ; camping.
-Preparation: Tea infusion of 3 grams of Paneaolus cyanescens powdered, ~1gram each of peppermint and rosemary (circulatory stimulants/stomach helper, and in a sense every herb is a little 'psychedelic'.
-Time: ~9pm

    Ok so here we were, L and I, she and I were taking this class together, there were about 8 other people sleeping in tents, all about 10-100 yards away from us.  We were surrounded by many different types of cactus, as you could imagine (being in the Saguaro N.F.).
We drank the tea after it cooled out of a black walnut bombilla in an aluminum cup (i don't know if this does anything to the Psilocybin/cin molecules, but I notice different effects with different means of ingestion, wood and metal are very grounded elements). 
    The onset was gradually fast, first making us feel euphoric and giddy, then we had to lay down because our bodies were so relaxed... we opened the tent  and let the breeze in, it was dark, and the light slided and slithered in the roof openings.....from the moon.   I started to feel the need to pee, so we went outside, and as she (L) played with the sand, I took a pee near a cactus, upon first feeling the effects of the fungi I looked down at my penis and exclamed with exubarance from the amazing sight....''COSMIC PENIS!!''  Indeed it was.
    Anyway, we went back into the tent, and this is when it all went  down.......My hands started vibrating and I could feel energy coming out of them......this was intense, and I was breathing very heavily, I started seeing snakes everywhere, which is normal for me when I take this holy sacrament.  I asked L how she was doing, and she said she was having trouble letting it in...I knew what she ment so I played a song on my recorder.  I played a very soothing dreamy song, one that wouldn't bother our sleeping fellow travelers.  She started to feel better and I felt great....I was trippin really hard and felt very shamanic.  I asked her to hold my hand.  She could feel all of the energy permeating from my palms, and she was amazed......to this day she confirms it for me.
    Now that she was doing better, I decided to go to the fire, which was still glowing.  
As I exited the tent, I Couldn't help but be absorbed by the depth of the desert with the hills to to the left of me, and cactus that danced back and forth in what looked like an underwater world of snakes and stars.....these snakes are big, like sky serpents, small, medium large, small, super small, and microscopic....I think ultimately it represents meeting your genetic code.  But WHo knows EH!!??
OK, so I pull my way through an ocean of snakes to the fire, somehow avoiding all the cacti, and sit down next to it in one of those really comfy collapsable chairs.....I start to hear all kinds of stuff, and I am becoming more serpentine.  I feel like I can hear every one dreaming, so to make sure I say...." WHose therE?" ......and in response D, sleeping with M in the u-hall trailer says "we're sleeping".
Everything is pixilated and I can sense the dreams of every one around me sleeping...then I feel L and it feels like she needs me, so I go back to the tent, once again pulling myself through an Ocean of Snakes and through the cacti without getting spiked at all (I got it the next day by a jumping cholla in the ankle, but it was kinda rewarding).....
    So I made it back to the tent, L, was kinda in a desperate state and I got down next to her and talked to her a little,
I was on my back and I started breathing a rhythm......my whole body was pulsating like my hands were, and it started making a song through my breath.........all of these mushrooms were growing in front of me in all dirctions with snakes slithering around everywhere, then a portal opened, and a very old man and a woman who looked Native American sang this song to me....they were facing each other when they sang it, just their faces, and they were looking at me, but facing each other.
    The song went like this, and I was breathing it......somehow...I guess we always breath songs, but this was different, I wasn't singing.

"I love you my mother heya na na na
and my father heya na na na
I love you my brother heya na na na
and my sister heya na na na

I thank you my mother heya na na na
and my father heya na na na
I love you my brother heya na na na
and my sister heya na na na

I want you my mother heya na na na
and my father heya na na na
I want you my brother heya na na na
and my sister heya na na na"

Since then whenever is sing that song in a trip I have a very elightening experience, and I have also used it in an ayahuasca ceremony, and a peyote ceromony with good outcome.

After that it all just melted away, and I was almost normal again,........
but normal.....I am not nor I will I ever be.

Thank you I hope you enjoyed this story of part of my life, it helped shape me and become who I am in regards to the realms that we don't usually pay attention to.

peace, love, and freedom

-Looking Crow

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