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1.5 Gram Level 2 experience

1.5 Gram Level 2 experience

I'm the cautious type, preferring to walk before running, so to speak.  I've done up to 3.5 G in the past, but became a bit uncomfortable with the anxious feeling it gives me, althought the closed eye visuals were absolutely stunning in their fractal-like complexity, variability, and color.  With 3.5 G I've experienced the TV zoom away to an impossible distance, then a moment later be back at its "actual" position in the room.  However, there is something to be gained from low dose experiences, even if it doesn't rise to the level of "tripping."

Last night I took 1.5 G of powdered-to-dust Cambodians with a cup of orange juice.  The powder was weighed on a digital scale accurate to 1/100 of a gram.  The powder went down nice, easy and quickly.  The come up was fairly sudden at about 45 minutes, starting off with the familiar anxious feeling...and I started wondering just what I was in for.  As it turned out, it was a comfortable anxiety level, and at about 1 1/2 hours as the anxiety had clearly plateaued, a nice mood set in. 

Closed-eye visuals in a totally darkened bedroom were fantastic.  Animals (like a frog, with a straw crown) would morph into an aligator, then a moment later, become an amusing hand-puppet.  Amorphous blobs of pale red and purple would be cleaved by lightning strokes of pencil-yellow.  This and much, much, more was enjoyed in the quiet solitude of my bed, hunkered down under the covers, late into the night.

Of course, there were the odd, non-linear leapfrogging thoughts, but no real confusion.  I believe I  could have held a conversation with anyone if the need arose.  Finally, I should mention I've had problems in the past with post-trip headaches, but this morning...none of that.  I awoke feeling refreshed, and quite proud of the fact that I had a good time with little or no difficult moments like those I've read from others.  There have been times in which I've thought "I'm going to regret this" when dosing at the 4 gram or so level, so this was a clean, nice experience for me.  2 grams of my powdered Cambodians might be just perfect.  I just wanted folks to know that there IS somehting to be gained at low and moderate doses.

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