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first time.. not so good

car ride/

my friend and i had been wanting to try them so one day, me and her hung out with our other friend who provided us with them. we got in his car and me and her both ate some and washed them down with green tea. we went to starbucks and we were sitting outside in the cold and i started to shake. we went back to the car and i looked at these palm tree things and they seemed extremly long and the airvents started to breathe. all of a sudden it was like i just woke up and i was very confused. then i remembered what i did and i looked at my friends and i just didnt feel like i was there. my thoughts were drifting in and out. then i freaked out for a second and i felt like i needed to move, so i told him to drive the car somewhere, anywhere.. i just needed to move. so we went to a pizza place, it seemed very loud in there and i felt like when i was talking everybody could hear me so i talked really quite. we sat at a table and my friend laid her head down cause it was hurting. i felt naucious. the pizza came out and i took a little bite but it made me feel sick and the grease felt really thick. everything on the walls seemed to be moving. everywhere i sat i got impatient and i wanted to move. finally we went to the car and i felt really tired. i laid down in the backseat for a long time but i couldnt sleep. the music felt really wide and loud. its hard to explain. car lights looked purple. when i was laying down i couldnt tell if the car was moving or not. it had only been like 30 minutes since wwe left starbucks but it felt like it had been about 5 hours no joke.  time seemed to move very slowly. i had more then one thought at once and they seemed to be colliding in my head, but i was still listening to the convo my friends were having in the fornt seat and i would randomly pop up and say something. we parked by a park and i looked in the trees, a owl seemedto form in the branches and the light shining on them it was amazing. i had random strange memories that i hadnt remebered in like 4 years.my aunt called me and i told her was in the car then i said i was at the movies in the restroom. we drove around a outdorr shopping center and the lights were super bright. negative thoughts were in my head and i felt like i was never ever going to be off of them. i tried to think of the next day and it seemed like it was never going to come. i decided to tell my friend who was driving that i didnt feel good. i needed someone to talk to. so i said umm i dont feel good asnd could u call my aunt for me. he kindof freaked out and asked why i wanted to call her. we pulled over and he was asking me questions and all i could answer was i dont know. i felt so bad and i started crying, but i dont know why, i wasnt scared. he had to come in the back and hold me and tell me it was only in my head, i kindof calmed down. i needed to pee so bad but i didnt want to go in public. but we went to a mcdonalds and the curve was moving up and down and the tables inside seemed to be weird sizes. everything i looked at everywhere, was very shapely. the shape waas very defined. patterns stuck out and caught my eye. at a gas station i looked aorund and all the cars i saw were small and old looking and very boxy. people looked really fat and really tall and long. after 5 hours i came down off it.

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