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My first trip :)

it was my first trip ever and it was.....

 My first trip was an really awsome experience for me.

        Ok so one day me and my friend decided to trip shrooms.  Now it is winter and we have no money so we dont think we are going to get them.  But little to our surprise we ended up with enough for a quarter.  So now we had to find them.....so i call around for along time but suddenly an idea hits me. So i call my broh and sure enough he had some.  We waited for a good hour or so. When the time came we arranged a meeting spot so we could do the deal.  When the deal was done we went inside and just started eating..haha. Well we didnt rally know like how to do it. so we ate half and then waited for a while and then ate the others.  So we are just sitting around we smoked a doob and all of the sudden a huge wave of the giggles attacked us! We laughed for hours just about random things.  So we start feeling cool our bodies were just amazing. There was nothing in the world that could bring us down.  So we decide to go outside. So we look up at the clouds right when we get out side, and we were like "whoah" in inter subjectivity. We read eachothers mind all night.  anyways so we are on a quest for cigs and we find this guy to get us some but we couldnt at that gas station.  But he gave us the rest of his pack.  So we decide to sit on this loading dock and smoke a cig. We end up sitting there talking for like an hour just talking.

       Anyways we go back to the crib and we get the BONG out. So we decide we have this great idea to take a massive hit out of the bong and put a condom over the top and then blow it out.  We didnt think it would backfire on us. So all of the sudden the water just starts to drench my friend.  anyways this night was one of the best in my life.  And there are much more to come.

Thank you shrooms,


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