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A CD with only this name... Crazy...

My crazy trip with weed, and a dream machine.

Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong spot. Last night I experienced a crazy mind trip. Although I'd love shrooms, I didn't have any. What I did is Smoked; however an hour before I took a unisom, and that day I also took a Straterra to help me focus. Apparently these 3 combined with an online "Dream Machine" produce some crazy effects. I began the experience "watching" it with eyes closed like you're suppose to, then felt the urge to write down my experience, once I started writing I was entrapped. Here is what I wrote exactly. If you notice the weird writing, It took me a while to figure out what I'd done, but all of the bold letters put together say something, all of the Capital regular letters spell a name. And the Italic letters spell Ad augusta per angusta. Which apparently is latin .. it brought a few results up when I looked it up, The best translation I found was: To High places by narrow roads. I'm not sure. Here is my experience, What do you think?

This is all undedited.

oCtagOn, 8 sides, cleAR between figures of guYs hitting bongos side by side. around all sides and walls. Camera zoomed, forest in the middle. other demention of Picture, baCkwArds effect. explAined to cody the thing. time to eat noodles, minimize, and zone once more, until I feel the urge to type again. T\that's exactly what i'll do, goodbye.

THese walls are spInning all around
Song failure.
1:40: Decided to start a log of time.
1:44- Talked cody INto writing his thoughtS down. confused on what I'm tAlking about rIght Now. I'm actually swaying to thE strobe in a circle. Feels like effert to stop it which is crazy. The strobe is going to the beat it seems so it's fucking crazy.

1:45) Check the clock because I hear cody typing, He's most likely on a crazy trip.
He stoped, at 1:46, lame Cody... Lame. He started back! sweet, now I'm not the only one in this crazy situation, it's amazingly crazy, If you understand crazy. The new beat is crazy,. Time for
1:47. Noodles :smile:
1:49. Decides to end it with a last post. Goodbye Readers :smile:. (Crazy song right now, tripping me out hard). Might keep writing actually. I had taken a break to see why cody stopped but I'm back.

TO everyone reading, I believe this is a must try, it is called DreamMachine. Go to http://www.netliberty.net/dreamachine.html and click Start Dream Machine, In the upper left hand corner put 15 hz, by clicking faster and put it blue. Turn on some Portis Head. Put it on a comfortable volume, push start, make sure it's blue and 15 when it starts if so. Turn off all the lights relax push start, and close your eyes.
I'm completely back from reality now where I talked to cody to find out the band name. Like I was saying, woah Cody's singing, just shut your eyes, watch the pattern, and listen.
After you get a hard trip, open notepad, make it sort of small in the middle of the screen and start typing what you saw, the rest just comes.

1:54- Cody says "awh, these 3 songs suck" then shuffles through. Holy shit crazy beat, Cody asked what I though.
Fuck yeah dude…
1:57: been listening to music and eating noodles. Thought about it. I had 1 Unisom gel cap an hour before smoking, and I started the video about 10 minutes after smoking. Might have been 15 mins.
1:59, Done for now. Time for myspace or something.
2:00: Falling back into typing. Everytime I tried to hit backspace I hit it twice, taking me forever to type a word just then. Cody stopped. Gonna go grab some noodles and check msn. Be back maybe...
2:06, after contemplating how long we'd been doing this. I thought 2 hours and it was only 50 minutes. I then
decided to read this. once getting to, forest in the middle, I was back. Following the story like a video camera as I read it. It was pretty intense which is why I'm starting my writing again.
2:07: It seems my attempts to stop this writing are in vain. It seems to have a grasp. Well, Codys watching videos now so I'm coming down already. 2:14 comes. I was trying to find the music on my computer after getting the cd from cody. I took a drink and began to think to myself what I was wanting to type, but I forgot to start typing it. I still heard it word for word in my head though as I was typing it. Like right now. I feel like rambling.

2:17 realized how hard I tripped decided to write. I was listening to the music. Trying to find a blank cd. Going through a set of different colored blanks with the direct disk labeling. I found a blue one. Trying to get to it sucked… I couldn't get all the cds above it off. I saw red and blue both, it looked like they were fighting almost.
I then had to write. Now I'm waiting for the cd to burn to library so I can put it on my cd. Then burn a design
into the top side with some thing this computer has and special CDs. I'll tell you how it looks when time comes.
Music nice now. 2:19 it is currently. Crazy mood swing it seems. I can't get myself down enough to change the cds.
If I stop typing I zone like crazy into the beat. Fee Fi fo fum was just said in this song. Which is said in ManMan; I wonder if they have ever heard eachother. This is crazy. I'm gonna change the cds. Brb
2:24, musics back. starting to come down, still feel the urge to write though. Trippy music still making me feel
weird. Wowww, I have headphones on now, this track 2 has a crazy bass warpy sound that seems to echo different
pitches. with a bagpipe like sounds and the sound a saw makes or a flimpsy peice of metal when you flex it fast.
The warping sound. Some crazy clappying sound 10 times fast the sound of a mixer board almost but air flow
sounding. back to just saw noise and crazy bass. Time to check cd and get the flashing back because I closed it.
But still feeling great.
2:27: Codys going to bed. Lame.not sure what to do. Guess I'll chill here. I'll be tired as fuck tomorrow though.
2:35.. took a while to decide a cd label. They all sucked anyway. Kind of lame. A sharpi and regular Cds is much
better. I'm pretty huntry. I'm starting to come down I believe.
2:37. I believe it is time to call it a night. This was a crazy experience. I'm back a little into the trip. It's the song. Boom boom, boom clap. Piano chord. Ehh. Singing blows. lame. new song. Fuck yes. it's that crazy ass techno song. Here goes. . it's...

2:40: Crazy ass strobe feeling deep base came on and the Dream machine seems to be going perfectly to the beat.
This is crazy. It's going to her voice so well I feel like I actually see her talking. Or maybe feel the talking in my head. It's crazy and hard to explain. headphones have made it so much crazier. Better put on headphones if you have them. If not it'll still work. Holy shit, some crazy whistle and noise with the most steriotypical techno sound. The deep muffled base.

2:42- I feel like I'm in a crazy club where everyone is on x. What the fuck
I… my speaker messed up-
2:43.. the speaker in my right ear messed up, scared the shit out of me. and my cd just poped out. Sweet.
2:43: About to pick up the cd and flip it over. I'll let you know how it looks. Holy shit
it's kind of cool actually. It's green with a pattern and the cd name plus a subtitle. I apparently named it “A CD with only this title. Crazy...” with the album name, or subtitle Tripping balls... I think A CD with only this title. is the band name. And then each record named differently after that sentence. A CD with only this title. Crazy... or this title whatever... Just a thought. it looks cool atleast.
2;45. brb.
2:47. Eating a crack. la la lalalal song is on. Makes me think of gangsters or a old rap song. fuck this. She sings weird. tick tock tick tick tock? new song.
Track 2, I think that's where this adventure began. It is crazy, and i have a feeling the bagpipers are soon to be accompanied by a crazy beat. I see a war scene going on right now. It's the saw noise! Back to where we were. The flashing light is going to the beat like crazy is seems. Holy crap it's the clapping sound and the rewinding windy sound. Oh no. Lap top is dying. that blows. I'll fix it. Accidently started the song over. Lame. Oh well.
Experience it all again.
2:52. Once again, lame. I'm going to continue until my urge to finish is up. Fuck. I have French homework. That really sucks. I should have really done that. I wont now. That seems like it would suck. I'm going to trip for a second for a cool time. brb.
2:54, It was cool. Not nearly like before though. I've got 2 crackers left. sucks. Checking to see if I have French.

2:56… of fucking course. I have 4 pages of French, I didn't have that much in English in High School, and that's my language! That's also very lame. I'm eating my last cracker at 2:57, which is now. It's the best of all 6 by far.
I'm still hungry, which sucks. I think it's about bed time. This all really took place an hour before that. It's
only 1:58. For some reason my alarm clock is an hour ahead, I just sat the alarm an hour ahead to cause it's easier. This song sounds like somewhere over the rainbow a little. then a robot sound.
3:00, Which is in reality 2, but I'm not in reality anymore so time is what I want it to be. I am now in a very
thoughtful mood. I am currently on track 4; however it is a different experience than the previous time I listened.
3:04. I thought it was so much longer. I was confused for a lot of what was going on. I saw a figure with a shaved
head, like a manican float up facing the left, then dotted lines went down the back of the manican and then the
back along the lines and up floated off. And the manican was the singer singing. It was animated sort of in a 2d look. Number 11 again, good song. I was just lost in what to say for about 3 minutes.
2:08 I realise I said 3 minutes and it's been 4. I was typing for a minute. Anyway. The beat changed right when I typed anyway. that was cool. Anyway, I need to go to bed, or do my French... Shit. that blows. I don't really want to do that right now at all. I guess I should work on it though. This blows. I'm off everyone.
3:09, actually, I'm going to do both. This and french.

ParGay-Vous Francais?
Well this sucks. It's alot of questions. Time to begin.
3:14- # 1. My answer was Voila Roger, un copain suisse. (side note, badass techno song again)
More b.s. h/w
3:18. This blows. I'm getting bored, sleepy, and coming down now. I am signing off to finish this bs. Great night. Best experience ever. Goodnight.

That was the end of my night. Followed by vivid and almost lucid dreams. I still feel strange, being sober is almost strange feeling after last night. What does everyone think?

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