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Fabulous Elixir

I have shroomed probably no-less than 10 times in my life (not a novice but not a pro) but last night's definately was the grand champion of all (of my) trips.

I have shroomed probably no-less than 10 times in my life (not a novice but not a pro) but last night's definately was the grand champion of all (of my) trips. As opposed to the traditional way (in our circle it is tea followed with the eating of the slimeys), I opted for a meathod that I have heard a bit about and it worked better than I could have expected(5 minutes in I was feeling it and after 20 I was already starting to peak). What I did was chopped them (2.2g dried cubensis) up in a blender and put them in a bottle with 16 oz of Orange Juice, then I let them sit for about 12 hours (give or take). The end result was what I can only refer to as a "turbo trip". I drank/ate them at around 12:15, followed by a dry bongload of good bud/shroom (50%/50% with the shrooms on the bottom to keep them from getting too much direct flame). By 12:45 I had to retreat to my room as I was getting a bit of sensory overload. I experienced all kinds of insane visuals and paterns (like something out of a Tim Burton movie), the cool thing is that it never turned into a "bad trip" mostly due to the fact (I think) that I wouldn't let it. I simply played master of my own reality and willed it into not being a baddie. The other almost baddie factor is that I live on the outskirts of a crappy neighborhood and there was a ghetto bird (police helicopter) flying overhead the whole time I was peaking. The only other bad part was that, more than usual, I had intense stumoch cramping. Which usually isn't so much the case for me. This is the first time that I have ever had the "they want out" feeling. The only other thing was that my senses were shuffled (I seemed to be seeing sound and at one point had to turn just about everything off to keep my control (frankly the sound of my computer fan was too intense, which I think is kind of weird, but hell, I was shrooming, weird is normal when the myconid men are around). Very surreal even for a psychedellic experience. Time was totally irrelevent until after the peak. I simply laid down under a blanket and fried - hard. The fact that I had some level of control over the whole experience was liberating as usually it is a very "strap yourself in and enjoy the ride" this time it was "wow!!, if I let this be bad, it would be horrible. Good thing I am in control". The whole experience lasted just under 5 hours total which is less time than usual for me although I consumed a little more than usual (I usually consume 1.5 g) This turned out to be a very intense, concise trip. By 3 am I was over the peak and by 5 I was able to crash out. I would definately recommend this meathod as the shrooms flavor was almost 100% concealed by the OJ and I thank that the vitamin C may have turbocharged the whole experience.

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