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tripping at a party

not too fun

This was the second time i'd tried mushrooms. the first time, i was at the beach with two friends. this  gave me a very good first impression of shrooms, because the entire trip was 100% good. The second time was verry different.

We hadnt even planed on taking shrooms that day. We did LSD earlier that day, (In a group of 8. 6 of us later did shrooms). The plan was to take acid, then after it wore off there was a house show that six of us wanted to go to.

Before the first band played, some guy walked up to us and asked us if we wanted some mushrooms. he had a QP of fresh azules on him. none  of us had any money, but one of us my firend (his name was chris) was always down for tripping and traded the guy his cell phone for the enitre QP. When i look back at this, eating those mushrooms had to be the stupidest things ive ever done. It was an insanly sketchy deal. some random guy had a bag of dirty, freshly picked picked mushrooms that he claimed where azules. And we just ate them then and there. we divided the QP among three people at first, then another friend wanted some, so we all gave him a couple caps. Chris had the most. he ate a huge handfull of them. then he left to go home before they even started working. (this was a cause of some of my anxiety later that night.)

I was watching the first band play when i started to feel the mushrooms working on me. at first, it was very enjoyable. the music seemed more intense and the mild visuals that where starting to appear where creating a very pleaseing sensation. I kept wating for the drug to peak, but it seemed like it never did. it was now appearent that i was not ready for this. By now there was only four of us still at the show. I did not know most of the people who where there, and this made me very uncomfortable for some reason. at this point, i knew i was having a bad trip. My three friends who had also taken shrooms seemed to be having a good time. i decided to stick close to them, and this helped some.

After the last band played the show had become a party, and everyone was getting drunk. this made things very bad for me, because people tend to fuck with you more when they're drunk. i decided to go into the garrage where there where less people and sit it out. this was not easy. i put my head down and tried to focus on things that would make me happy, but that just kept reminding me that i was at a party, i didnt remember how to get home, i was compleatly twisted on drugs, and i did not know where my friends where. also, to make things worse, i kept forgetting to breath. i had to constantly remind myself  "breathe in, breathe out, ect..." or else i would stop, and only realize it when i began to feel like i was going to black out. then i would take a few gasping breaths and repeat the cycle over, and over agian.

Two of my friends wandered into the garage to look for me and our fourth firend had had also dissapeared. we later found him outside sitting on the front steps. he was also having a bad trip. they tried to reasure me that everthing was fine, and it was just the drug. this did not help because i already knew that. i just couldnt stop looking at all the people around me. all of them where compleatly trashed. i kept thinking that all of them had so much potential in life, and that theye where all thowing it away for partying. i then decided never to do drugs again. (this was not a decision that lasted long). eventually, the owners of the house caught on to thef fact that we where on shrooms and asked us to leave. we decided to go back to my house, like we had planned. Luckily, two of us where still having good trips and knew how to get to the bus stop. after we got there, things where good.

We had to wait for twenty minuets for the bus to arrive. this was not bad. Almoast instantly after we left the party i began having a great time, as did my other freind who had also been having a bad trip. waiting at the bus stop was one of the best times i  had ever had. it felt so good to be away from that party. it was just the four of us, and nothing could be better. eventually the bus came, and luckly for us, it was not crowded.

the first bus ride was not good, but it was not bad, my euphoria was gone, but the anxiety had not retured. yet the drug was not wearing off. i just sat there looking at stuff. After we got off the bus, things started to turn bad once more.

I remember turning to one of my friends and saying somthing like "when are these mushrooms going to wear off?". This was now very conserning, because, as far as i could tell, the drug was still in it's plateau, and we where just one buss ride away from having to confront my dad. all of our eyes where insanly dialated, and not one of us was anywhere near sober. the next bus stop was only three block away, but the walk there was one of the longest ever.

For one firend, this was when things got very bad. which, of couse, made things bad for the rest of us. at first he said nothing, but it was very obvious that was was having trouble walking. he bagan falling down, crawling, running into builings,  and tripping over people and other objects. it would not have as bad if it where not four our location. For any of you who are familiar with  Portland, Oregon, we where on East Burnside street, one block east of MLK Blvrd. for those of you who dont know portland, this is  a very busy part of town, and people where begining to notice us. every attemt to get to the bus stop was beond pathetic. we would make a few feet before our firend would  trip on himself, fall down, crawl a few feet, then we would stop and take a break. all the bystanders where now watching us, forming a loose knit semicircle around us, giving us no possible escape from their accusing stares. in retrospect, its a mericle nobody called the police.

after what seemed like hours, we finaly made to the bus stop. we had to carry our friend the last twenty or so feet. the wait for the bus gave him time to get himself togeather. The next day when we asked him what had happend, he explainded that gravity felt 10x strogner, and he had no idea for close or far way things really where. he said it was like trying to fuction while living in one of those severly warped mirrors that are common in ammusment parks.

after we got off the bus, we had a three block walk to my house from the bus stop. he did fine for two blocks, then at the start of the third, with my neighbor's houses all around us, he bagan to slip back into it. we stopped, the explained to him that my house was one block away, and that if he could make it there, everthing would be fine. he made it. now this is the really lucky part: we where all still tripping extreamly hard, and the entire journey home i had been wondering about what to to  about my dad. fourtunatly, he had fallen asleep waiting for us to get home. this was a miracle because it was only 11:30 and he had told us that we had to be home before midinght, and that he would wait up for us. (hes not normally like this, but he had recently caught me and one of the friends i was with that night smoking weed).

I can not explain the joy i felt when we made it to my room (which is in the basment, away from everyone else) and where finaly able to enjoy our mushrooms (witch where still going strong). we then watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and fell asleep.

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