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"Get back, get back, back get."


Early October, and the elements are idealistic for some P. Cubes. So, that night at 2 A.M. I drive out to the field and pick 10 palm sized caps. I go back home after about an hour of serious searching (by myself, may I add), and quickly put the shrooms in the refridgerator. So, later that same day, around 4:50 in the afternoon, I decide it's about time to down them. I grabbed a packet of mustard, carefully putting enough to mask the taste (don't get me wrong they don't taste horrible, but it is definately an aquired one. Imagine, an earthy taste) . I sit around for about 20 minutes after that, and decide I want to go to a place where nature is a major factor in the equation. I decide Westgate park would be the perfect place, so once I get there I rolled a phattie, and proceed to walk through the nature trail. There aren't many people on the trails usually, just joggers and what not. So, I smoke half of my blunt and a guy passed me on a bicycle, which startled me, but only because it was just out of nowhere. By this time, I feel the first initial effects (full body warmth, fuzzy feeling, euphoria, confusion, etc..) so I sat down on a bench and watched the plants communicate. I get really happy at this point, and decide to go further back in the trail. There was an opening in this fence, which lead to an extremely spaced out field, so I was automatically transfixed on this "meadow" as I called it. What really stood out was this was a circular field with a lone standing tree in the middle, and that tripped me the fuck out. I started wondering if it were considered trespassing since I was back there, and I replied to myself quickly, "no, this is nature, you can't put a price-tag or label that says 'yours' on something that has been here long before we were even thought of!" and so I walked around the tree being very observant of the bark and the over-all auora it released. I walked down near a "cove" of kudzu and pine trees, and just stared into the dakrness within the foilage, when I heard a dog or owl or something rustling around. I kind of got freaked out, and said "that type of shit will get you fucked up." and just walked off calmly. I sat by the "Lone Tree" for about 10 or 15 minutes, staring up at the sky (which at this point resembled, window panes with oil and water poured on them, the luminesent rainbow swirling every which way) and just being overwhelmed by this feeling of nature, as well as the world. I came to the realization we are here on the earth, we are so much smaller than the big picture...yet, as humans we have created this scheme of creators, destroyers, lovers, haters and gods. I was stupidifed at this point, just watching the canopy of trees ripple and warp out of it's original shape. I think I was so focused on everything, (the trees, bugs, grass, sky, air, etc.) that I had ascended from my normal mind-frame to a greater understanding of everything. I snatched up a handful of grass from the meadow because it was SUPER GREEN, (like....surge or vault or some shit) and made my way back to the car. I was in a "mild" trip, just enjoying life. As I'm driving, my cell phone rings and someone wants me to get them illicits. So as I'm waiting at LaBamba for this guy to come, just listening to "The Campfire Headphase" by Boards of Canada and I look up at this light pole about 100 yards to my right-hand side, and it feels like I'm literally floating towards it, and I lean back after a few seconds of watching the pole and have total "closed-eye visuals" (which basically consist of a kaliedascope formation of colors, geometric shapes, and whatever else your thinking of really.) So I grab my notebook and begin to sketch a picture, the guy who called me previous to this pops out of nowhere and hits my window. I flip a shit, because it startled the fuck out of me. So I bitch him out and go make the run for him. Get back up with him and he's out of the picture. At this point it's like , 6:20 P.M. and getting dark, and I had two glow sticks, a flashlight, some really good bud and a solid trip to accompany me anywhere I was willing to go. I decided to go back to Westgate, and by this time it's actually night time. I arrive at westgate and get the flashlight and glowsticks. Walking back through the trail, in the dark with a flashlight...on shrooms does not sound wise at all, I know this, but I wanted to be alone. As I was walking I started getting chillbumps due to the "creepy" factor, and it wasn't fear I felt, it was uncertainty. I had originally planned to walk back to the meadow but on the way there I heard a strange buzzing as if a bee were next to me, and it kept getting louder. I didn't freak out until it was like, in my ear, at this point I ran to a bench and sat down.

Eventually, I layed down on the bench and just watched the trees, here's where things get interesting, my trip went completely solid at this point. Closed eye visuals were no longer the case, I was having full blown hallucinations. The trees looked like flames, burning the sky and the stars kept moving everywhere. I continued to stare at the trees and eventually saw sphinx's flying out of them and into the sky, exploding in colors. I spoke with "God" this night, he was in the form of a EXTREMEMLY large oak tree, and he basically spoke with me about all things. The only real problem with this, is he spoke in like....tongues, but I understood and spoke back to him. I layed on the bench for about two and a half hours, and looked up at some point, only to see a really big face infront of me, smiling....missing a few teeth and appeared to be rotting, and this didn't startle me because I had accepted I was tripping. Here's where my night went into complete "WHAT THE FUCK?" mode. I had somewhere to be at 9, so I hopped up and within seconds I was sinking towards the ground, holding on to the bench like "holy shit, I took too too too much!" (which was not the case at all. my legs were just asleep, LOL!) everything turned a pale grey color, and I saw myself there, acting like a shmuck. After this, I was kind of afraid.  It's just a fungus, yes, but don't think for a second that it won't make you believe the shit is happening for a second or two. I got back to my car, turned on some Boards of Canada and proceeded to make my way across town. I think this is where I realized I probably should have had someone accompanying me. The road looked like a tunnel of colors and the road was twisting more than a preppy school-girl in heat. The cars directly behind me desentigrated from sight, and the cars in front looked about a mile away. Everything was totally fucked, but I made it to my destination. The person I was picking up, I had trouble recognizing them, they came up to me and I was like "whoa....who.....what?". At this point I just came home, and tripped the rest of the night....repeatative thoughts, colors, weird noises....more colors....it goes full circle. The duration of this trip was about....nine and a half hours. Overall...on a level from one to ten. I'd definately give it a 7.

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