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First Trip-Forgot I was Tripping

It was still worth it

Well all throughout high school I had always had something against trying mushrooms.  I had several friends who had done them on numerous occasions and were very much in favor of the idea of me tripping with them some day.  I had always just said maybe.  Well now I'm in college and my mind has changed slightly.  So I was back on Christmas break which was a month long and I had set a goal with my one friend (who for the sake of annynomy I will call Horseshit) to trip by the end of the break.  Unfortunetly for me three weeks into the break, I had a small run in with the law  with my court date still pending at that point.  But even after that happend I told my friend I was still all about trying them anyway even though I was planning on abandoning my other drug uses.  Unfortunetly for me my parents were also not very happy about learning about some of the habits I had had throughout my last two years of high school and were not too keen on me seeing my high school friends throughout my last week of break.  I'm going to put out here that I did not fully look into what I was doing before I did this so some of the things I did were not the best idea.  But anyway it was the day before I was going back to school and my friend had finnally found some shrooms, so I told my parents I was working from 2-midnight that day to give myself plenty of time to trip.  So me and Horseshit go over to my friend James' apartment, which is part of the foyer to an old farm house in a pretty modern suburban culdesac.  James actually has to work at 4 that day but lets us stay at his apartment since he himself is a veteran tripper and wants us to have a good trip.  He tells us that he might be able to get off work at around 6 and he would come home and maybe drive us around if we wanted too.  We thought it would be cool if he came home arond our peak so we waited till 4 to eat them.  We ate them with fig neutons which actually makes the mushrooms quite edable.  I acutaly would up just eating some them plain because the taste wasn't really bothering me, which was definatly a mistake.  About a half hour after we ate them, we got bored so we decided to take a walk up his street.  It is a pretty quite street up on a hill with a pretty panoramic view of our hometown.  At first we were just trying to pick out various spots throughout the town, then we looked up and saw some really amazing cloud patterns, and it was right around dusk so the sky was very colorful as well.  But we got to the end of the road, so we turned around and went back.  As we were walking back into the house, one of the occupants of one of the other apartments is walking in the door in front of us, we see him glance in the window to James' apartment and keep going.  So as we walk by we glance in and see the blinds wide open and my friend's bong just sitting out on the table in plain view.  We were both like "oops" and started laughing hystarically, fortunetly the other guy didn't care at all.  I had given up weed at this point so it was only my friend smoking during the trip.  We got back inside and just sat down and chilled and i noticed I started to feel really nausus.  Luckily this passed after a few minutes and my trip really started to kick in.  My friend put on the Beatles which was a really good choice, since I had never actaully really listened to them before.  Let me tell you, your first trip and listening to the Beatles to the first time may have been better than earning the rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts.  James' aparment may be one of the boringest rooms I have ever been in, but honestly this room quickly came alive.  Everything in the room had life to it, the walls, the carpet, the bed, everything was simply alive.  It was amazing and me and horseshit couldn't talk without falling on the floor laughing.  But one thing we could get across to eachother is that would be really weird if someone who wasn't tripping would be there with us.  Soon after horseshit got a phone call for James and horseshit started saying that we were "at the hospital and we weren't sure how bad it was going to be. "  Now I didn't really panic but I was mighty confused on why he was saying this, but afterwords horseshit reminded me that james had said he was going to pretend that his brother was in a car accident so he could get out of work, al I could say was, "good thing he didn't call me."  Once I knew James was coming I was still ok since, he was a very experienced tripper so I thought I would be fine having him being around sober.  He got back and asked us if we wanted to go for a ride I was starting to get a little tired of his one room apartment so I was down.  So we walk outside to his car and as I'm looking around I realize I was much happier inside, so I go charging back inside and for some reason run to the bathroom and start vomiting.  It wasn't real bad and I just went and sat down on his bed afterwords and I hearshit say, "wow I've never heard of anyone vomiting before" which put me into a panic as for some reason I started thinking about the eminem song where the girl od's on like 27 mushrooms or something and started freaking out in my head.  Fortunetly James reassures me that although rare vomiting does sometimes occur.  Then I saw them wearing their jakets and remembered that they had wanted to go outside and started feeling really bad that I ruined their day.  James tried to remind me that it was all in my head and that I had paid money to trip, but I was too gone to really understand what he was taking about.  So he put on Forrest Gump and told me to think about things that were familiar to me.  I started thinking about my house and family, but then remembered how pissed they were at me and how they thought i was working, which sent my trip into an even deeper downward spiral.  Then after that my friend who we call Arr came and so did James girl friend, I wanted to socialize with them but I forgot how.  I sat there staring at them trying to think what I should say to start a conversation and began to feel really socially isolated in the room.  James knew I wasn't having a good time in the room so he decided to take a drive to the nearby village of Marshalton where we had spent most of our high school years hanging out.  We got into his girlfriend's minivan and started driving.  I at this point was thinking about not tripping so hard that I forgot I was tripping, but I was still right around my peak.  I guess I thought I was dreaming because I was certain that I was making everything that was happening up.  At first I was certain we were running from the cops, then I wasn't sure who I was with and why we were driving.  In my dreams usually people tend to understand what I'm thinking so I was assuming everyone in the car knew what I was thinking so I was not talking at all.  Everyone in the car started talking about how we should go up in the barn behind James' old house in Marshalton.  I thought this was a terrible idea since someone new lived in the house now, but I didn't say anything since I thought everyone else was either on the same wavelength or simply being made up in my head.  We park in the local church's parking lot and get out to walk around.  I get out and realize how cold I am and am trying my hardest to zipper my coat, and but I have no idea how.  James comes over and tries to help me but for some reason i keel over and vomit again.  Everyone is like shit maybe we should just get in the car so we all get back in the car and start to drive around.  We start heading towards one of the local diners and everyone starts saying how they hope Waleed the waiter is working.  We walk in and of course Waleed is the waiter, which further reenforces the fact that I am making everything up in my head.  Sitting in the diner was the mot bizzar expieriences of my life.  I don't think I said more than two words the whole time.  At one point I need to pee so i get up and go to the men's room, I walk in, theres a guy at the urinal so I go to the stall and really hope there no one in it, and luckily theres not.  I finish what I need to do but am too scared to go out and eye contact with the guy.  So i slyly peak over the side of the stall to see if he's leaving or not, unfortunetly he happens to be washing his hands and looks over and see me peaking over at him, which made it quite awkward.  I sit down at the table and everyone was eating desserts which made no sense to me at all because we hadn't eaten a meal.  Everyone was talking and interacting with the waiter, but I really had no idea what was going on at all throughout the whole expeirience.  When we finnally left we go out to the parking lot and i happen to look down the row and see the gaurdrail further that was knocked down.  I then remembered that I had done that over two summers and began thinking that I would never be able to drive again.  For some reason Derek...err I mean James gets in the driver seat of the car which freaked me out since he may be one of the worst drivers I know, and I really began to panic to myself.  When he was trying to start the car the car made some kind of weird noise that no one could figure out what happend, which did not make me feel any better.  Then he backs out, and the parking lot around this diner is a one way loop. but for some reason he turned and drove the wrong way around the diner which really got me scared, then as we were turning towards the exit he almost went around the wrong side of the median,  and no one in the car was bothered by this!!!  Then worst of all later in the ride the subject of dying in car crashes comes up, which only reminds me of an expeirience I had at college when riding drunk in my own car through a snowstorm around midnight, on interstate 80 through central Pennsyvlania (valentines day 2007 anyone?) with a drunk girl crying in the back seat about how her mother died in a car crash.  Finally we get back to James' around 10ish and he asks me what I thought of tripping, which finnally reminded me what had been going on all night, and finnally brought me out of my trance.  It was really good we recapped the whole experience otherwise, I'm not sure what kind of mood I would be in right now.  But I definatly have learned from my mistakes of my first trip and plan on doing it again.

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