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1st trip, most significant night of my life

Written account of trip during early 2008

Amount: Just under an eigth to an eigth of mushrooms baked into a green mint-chocolate form.

6:30 p.m. I decided to take the mushrooms. My friends "austin" and "joey" decide to trip-sit me at my house (the rents are gone untill late)

So i eat the mushrooms and drink a glass of orange juice with it. (which i heard enhances the experience). Austin and Joey pour themselves mixed drinks and pack a bong for themselves. After about 30 min we head outside and decide to smoke some cigars. I start to notice extremely little things. Insignificant things would grab my attention and hold it there. I would look at the table, which has a design on it, and just stare at it. I would try and look at it from as many different angles as possible, just to observe what it looked like. We go back inside and i start to notice the floor becomming a little orange. At around 730 (an hour after i had taken them) i started to geek out a little. In that, I found the world insanely funny and would laugh histerically at random moments in time over random things. One interesting thing i would like to note is, even though my friends took no mushrooms, they seemed like they were tripping out also (they were geeking out as well). This makes me think maybe vibes can help with these kinds of things

So my friend "grahm" decides to stop by for a little. Grahm is experienced with hallucinagens in general and decided to visit me to see how my trip is doing. By then i start to notice other things. More inwardly then outwardly. Things didnt talk to me, but as we were talking, the environment would suddenly change. I wouldnt feel like i was outside in the backyard, but maybe on a lake, or maybe sitting indoors around a table. Time seemed to bend and snap. Minuites would stretch on like it was days, but you would look at the clock and 15 min passed without you even noticing. You suddenly realize "oh man, 15 min has gone by. What has happened during this time"? But you cant answer it. As i was talking to my friend grahm, in mid sentence it was like the entire mood would have shifted. One second the situation would be exhilirating, and pressured, but then in the same sentence it seemed to become more casual and monotone. It was like waves. Waves of moods passing over reality, altering it. Shimmering it so everything would be happeneing, but you would look at it and experience it an entirely new way. We sat for 10 min in my backyard not saying a word, but during those 10 min i experienced a lifetime of just... emotions.  Theres no other way to describe it. Sadness, happyness, anger, jealousy, all seemed tangible to me. And they all seemed to slam into eachother during those 10 min. Its astonishing during those simple 10 min, so many feelings could be felt . So many emotions to surface. All without saying a word.

One particular instance i wanted to describe is a certain trick my friend grahm did which helps enhances the trip. We sat right next to eachother and without moving he looked deep into my eyes (in a non homosexual way). Suddenly, i could see myself. That brief moment of time seemed to crash. My entire ego was shown infront of me, like a map.  It was one of the most enlightening experiences of the night.

We decided to treck upstairs to my room and watch visualizer while listening to the greatfull dead. While watching it, it seemed the outsides of it were shimmering. Everything else just seemed to fade into darkness and become muteed while the picture becoming more sharp, the music becoming clearer. The boarder which represented my actual moniter dissapered, and was replaced by just a picture, an ever changing visualizer picture just floating in abosulute blackness while occasionally shimmering on the sides. It was gorgeous.

Finally my friends had to leave and i sat back in my bed and watched t.v. for the last few minutes of the trip.

Rating: 9/10

Suggestions for better trip: Have nothing to worry about at all during the time you trip. Do not have any appointments or plans you need to worry about, or else these will completly overwhelm your psyche.

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