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Well Well Well, Me and a freind Tripped last night.

Well Well Well, Me and a freind Tripped last night. It first began when he got here at 11:00pm by then i had already made some syran rue seed boinled in lemon water for 25 min. Once he got here we drank that immediatly. and Got out the High pulp OJ (not the cheap stuff) i like to live large) well any ways i have been growing my own tazmanian. i had about 6 grams dryed out and about 120 more wet. me and my friend split the 6 dry and added about 10 more g's wet. each into a blender with 3/4ths of a cup of oj. and guzzled it down. went out side and started to smoke a joint. (NOte. i had bought a 1/2oz of shwag the night before and rolled up 18 joints and had 1g of chronic chopped up in a film canister, my friend had 4 g's of some difrent chronic.) but anyways. About 15-30 min later it started to kick in. after about 2 joints and a few hits of the hitter we had lots of tracers. Then we went and got a road flare from my room (from a freind a few weeks ago) by this time tracers were very apparent and about 30 ft a way i have a ingournd pool in my back yard. my sister was swimming with some of her freinds, coulds see any one that far off(couldnt focus) all kinds of stars and lights all over,the smoke from the flare was bad, i dont think they are ment to be held. but it dripped this bad ass looking gooe. the we went in to the back of by garage and just walked around like idiots for 20 min swinging our arms and staring at thins. we then headed to my room to watch usual suspects now everything was way wicked. after a bout 20 min a freind called that was supposeed to trip that night with us (never triped before) wanted to see how it was. so we went outside to wait. now everything was moving around and together we layed down in my drive way and straed at the starsWhile doing that i noticed taht my friend began to morph, his face looked like his moutha dn eyes were coming out of difrent parts of his face. and when i closed my eyes it was if i was opening my eyes to a new world. every thing was cartoon like and i could look around and move around in this world. we then got up and sat in my car (97 cadillac eldorado wwith all the options, bose sound system.) We listened to some burned cds(collection 4,136mp3s) and smoked another few joints and some kb. by this time only 3 hours had passed. and the trip was wearing off very quick. i still had tracers for the next hour our so but that was about the end of the trip. well i will report back on my next one next week and maybe the one that i had 2 weeks ago. out

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