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Touching the spiritual ceiling

Nepal Chitwan lessons.

I guage all spiritual journeys by the most extreme teacher of all....ayahuasca. A 5 gram dose of Nepal Chitwan took me to a level four,the furthest I have journeyed with the sacred mushroom. The Teaching Spirit was not as strong as aya-brews or salvia,but  it was close. Actual visual distortion was very cool and different,nothing I have experienced before. Things were in 3-D!


A 1 1/2 gram dose-threshhold dose.

3 gram dose-like very clean X with strong emphathy and sensual feelings. Roll and Rush, a perfect dosage.

5 gram(50 grams wet) dose- was very insightful,but the one heavy negative in my life was front and center for awhile,and it was a bit of a downer(impending death of a loved one). Very heavy and exhausting to work through. The first hour was a series of body rushes and X like feelings,then the second hour included excellent visuals unlike any I have experienced before.Only the Mushroom Teacher creates the unique visuals I saw. Not like salvia or aya-brew patterns at all.  AT HOUR 2 EGO was laid bare and all positive and negative issues of my life tried to outweigh and upstage each other. Had to deal with the Big Negative, then worked through to a very HIGH,Insightful place. The focus was on Good Karma,and to never project negativity or spend time around negative people. Made me evaluate my friends/social contacts. Not a recreational level,but an excellent Teaching level.


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