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A Dip Into Another Universe

it was my first time trying mushrooms and i was by myself,

It was my first time trying mushrooms and i was by myself, i had heard about different trips from my friends. Talking about things "breathing" and colours being more vibrant. So i hooked up 4 grams that day. When i got home i sat downstairs in my living room having a vague understanding of what was going to happen to me (i was alone in the house for the period of time)

      I ate the mushrooms slowley almost throwing up over the taste, after i finished eating the bag i relaxed and watched some t.v. Well it had been about 40 minutes and i didnt think anything was gonig to happen.. I continued to watch t.v for another 15- 20 minutes when i started feeling a warm " groovey" sensation in my body. At that point i stood up and looked at my hands, they were very sweaty and i started laughing hysterically at the thought of me staring at them. As i sat back down i felt a shot of electricity run through my body. I didnt no wat was going on so i closed my eyes and layed back...i felt spinning getting faster and faster and when i opened my eyes everything i saw was orange, and as i stood up everything slowly changed to a fade of red. I walked to my other couch and everything started breathing and having more depth and contrast. i walked into my room and looked at the heartagram on my wall, it started melting down my wall. thats when i started feeling dizzy..i layed down and let the mushrooms take me away. I closed my eyes and as i opened them i fell into a dream state, everything was hazzy and so beautifull and bright. as i got out of my bed i looked at my door and saw a rainbow of colours seperating my living room from my room. as i walked towards it i felt a wind pushing me towards the door. i walked closer and closer, with every step i took i felt a feeling of peace and love that was unexplainable, it felt as if soon as i passed through that door all of my worries, problems and bad things that has ever happened will just dissapear, as i was face to was with the door i closed my eyes and walked through. As i did i felt an almost orgasmic feeling.all off a sudden i  "opened my eyes" and there was a lady dressed in all black with a shadow covering her whole body, she spoke to me and said( i will always remember this for the rest of my life) this door, leads to a parralel world, but you are not ready to pass.her voice echo'ed through my mind, i felt myself crying but when i wipped my tears with my hands my hands melted into my face.i looked back up at the black figure and a blue light came out of her body and it took over the whole house, or so it seemed. as the blue light got bigger and bigger it turned to black, it was like all the lights in my house were off... all of a sudden i opened my eyes again and i looked around me. i was laying upstairs on the floor and i  looked at the clock...i took the mushrooms at 7 and it was 3 ocklock in the morning. thats when i realized i had went into a sub-consciouse, out of body state for the entire time. i will always remember the lady or. "the oracle" as i call her. 

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