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Most intense experience of my life

First level 5

Alright about myself. I'm 19, 5' 10", 140 lbs, and American for those of you who care. I just got back from amsterdam where on our last day there, a few friends and myself bought some mushrooms. I had 35 grams of the mckennaii strain. The guy at the smart shop said they were very visual, and to eat the whole box for a good 5 or 6 hour trip. I bought an apple on the way back to the hotel and ate everything at about 4:30 pm.

Before I trip I like to meditate for a little while before hand to just gather my thoughts and prepare myself. I've tripped like 3 other times by the way, both probably a level 2 or 3. So anyway, after the usual 45 minutes or so, everything started to kick in. At first things just got very visual and euphoric. From there the mushrooms took me to a place in my mind I had never seen before. As I started to lose connection with this reality I didn't know where I was or even who I was. Well I knew who I was, but I felt that my body was a seperate entity from my concious point of view.

I eventually found myself in our hotel bathroom, but I couldn't even open my eyes because it was just too overwhelming. Because of this, I just went deeper into my mind. I began to realize that the reality I was currently experiencing was the true one, and the one described as ascention or enlightenment. I at that point knew that I didn't need my body, except for the sense that it was my means of connecting with my other reality. For a while I thought of dying, just because I didn't need my body anymore, but I knew I shouldn't, because of how it would hurt my friends and family. I thought of people like Mother Theresa and The Buddah and realized that their idea of selflessnes was more of our real purpose in lfe. All I wanted to do was give away all my things and spend the rest of my existance helping other people. This is all very difficult to describe perfectly, as I'm sure many of you who have experienced this know. But overall it was a very life changing experience, and I think Its important for everyone to see this depth of their conciousness at some point.

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