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Before this day of wonderfulness, I had tripped once on shrooms and it was amazing but this trip i had was so amazing and as you all probably know, it is hard to explain let alone remember what had happened in your previous trips.

Me and my friend A, went to his house after school and I had about 80$ in my pocket, I thought we were just gonna have a normal night with some weed. We called up one of our friends/dealers and he came by and sold me a 20 bag of hydro weed. Then he had asked if we wanted to go to a festival and me and my friend hopped on board It was 28 dollars to get in and i did not have the money to pay for both of us because my friend aint got any money. So B (our dealer) dropped by his house to put his fouton mattress in the car and we decided to hide under that to sneak in. We did this and we got in perfectly fine, when we got in this place, it was just like a big field surrounded by trees with vans and cars parked with people buy them. Me and my friend knew that this night was gonna be good and as we walked around asking around for acid and other sorts of drugs we were told who to look for. We found the guy and our dealer gets a 10 strip of acid..I paid B for 2 hits one for me and my friend. So while we were waiting we just smoked some weed and this guy parks next to us and asks if we wanted to buy any drugs.And of course we say yes and B buys a quarter of shrooms and about 3 bowls of opium (hash). B asks us if we wanted to buy some shrooms and all i had was 10$ so he gives me and my friend a shroom and he smokes a bowl of opium with us. Except he just told us it was hash and we smoked it and the acid was starting to kick in. About maybe 30 minutes later everything just all kicked in and I was feeling fantastic this Festival was just like woodstock...it had a band playing covers songs of all of the good stuff (Pink Floyd,Zeppelin,etc.). This night was so amazing not to mention ofn top of all of this i started drinking beer about halfway through my trip and i didnt fall asleep until about 12 pm the next day..I didnt stop drinking until about 6am(from about 2am) this experience was like no other for me...I just wish I was a little more experienced so i could explore the trip more immensely, but i think the next time i trip whether it be shrooms or acid I will explore the depths of my mind and soul to enjoy my trip even more.

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